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I would like to compare what is on Amazon with BNN (Read 1009 times)
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I would like to compare what is on Amazon with BNN
Jan 29th, 2016 at 1:02pm
I just ran a list  of every item I have listed on AOB.  I did an inventory and yes, found some things listed I didn't have (and found some things on the shelf not listed or at least no longer listed).   I just did that earlier this month.  Today I sold a book on BNN.  It's not on the AOB inventory and not on the shelf.  I checked past sales and it is not a double sale.  Probably I dropped it from AOB and somehow it stayed on BNN until today when it was ordered.  This doesn't happen a lot but at least once a month I sell something on my two "off" venues half.com and BNN.  Yes, I have re-send them my inventory.  Once I tried to print by SKU Aob and Half.com inventories and manually compare to see what was on half.com and NOT on AOB but it proved to be too much work.  I don't even know how to run an inventory off BNN itself.
Okay, what would I like?  I would like a simple compare and contrast I guess it's called that would tell me:  This item is on BNN and not amazon.  I should not have too many of these.  I would not think over 100 and most of those would be DVDs I cannot list on amazon.  I'd like the same thing on half:  These items are on half and not on Amazon.  Again, should not be that many but it's these orphans that are causing me sales I have to cancel.  Plus it wastes my time looking for the item which will never be found and cancelling is easy but may hurt my feedback, rating, etc. 
So that is what I would like:  for either myself to do it or put in a request and get a print out of This is what is different.  If I find mistakes I can then drop them off BNN and half and end sales for items I don't have.   I will say the duplicate titles feature helps stop double sales but this could also stop sales for items that no longer exist on my shelves.
Thank you very much.  Marie, macybooks
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