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Setting up an AOB custem venue for the website... (Read 883 times)
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Setting up an AOB custem venue for the website...
Aug 18th, 2009 at 12:44am
Once you have completed the sign-up page for my service you will receive several form emails containing information about your hosting.  One of them will contain the hosting control panel and FTP login information.

It will be the 2nd email with the subject:
"New Account: Net V1 - 5001-10000"

In the email will be this information:

To access your account by FTP, use:
Host Name: winXX.wobbooksite.com
Password: XXXXXX

With that information available you are ready to setup AOB:

1. Go to 'Settings - Venue Setting' on AOB

2. On your 1st available Custom Venue set the following values:

    Venue 1 FTP Display Name – Whatever you want to name it.

    Custom Venue 1 FTP Host – ‘Host Name’  from the email you received.

    Custom Venue 1 FTP Username – ‘Login’ from the email you received..  

    Password – 'Password' from the email you received.

    Format – AOB Tab-Delimited

    Custom Venue 3 FTP Directory – YourDomainName/Inventory  
        ( example: whiteoakbooks.com/Inventory )

    Check the ‘Pull Orders’ checkbox.

    Check the ‘Active’ checkbox.

    Click the 'Save All Changes' at the bottom of the page.

3. Let me know that these steps have been completed so I can finish building the website.

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