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Monday (July 31) Basic questions and set up (Read 1834 times)
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Monday (July 31) Basic questions and set up
Aug 2nd, 2006 at 6:26pm
Monday New User Chat Basic questions and set up

19:59:25 <guest>Is this the chat for new user for aob?
19:59:29 <maestro>guest, yes
19:59:36 <maestro>guest, this is the follow-up session
19:59:43 <maestro>you're welcome to stay, though
19:59:55 *guest704 (~guest@pool-71-116-137-238.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #newusers
19:59:58 <ixmipat>What does the report mean, how do I read it, looks like everything that successfully processed, didn't
20:00:06 <mcted>I'm up and running on HDC and Amazon, still learning the ins and outs of AOB
20:00:16 *guest612 (~guest@24-158-214-77.dhcp.slid.la.charter.com) has joined #newusers
20:00:53 <maestro>for all the 'guests' .. if you like, you can type '/nick something' (change something to a new name) to change your name in here
20:01:17 *sperryboo (~sperryboo@c-24-61-196-210.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:01:21 *guest612 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:01:27 <guest704>hi, i haven't been able to get on to the aob website-what am i doing wrong?
20:01:31 <guest>IIHow do you sign up for the AOB?
20:01:36 <lylah>btw, i posted a suggestion on the forum... when you get a chance to look at it.
20:01:36 <Shelly>Maestr: Will this be a Q & A session (specific) or more detailed guided tour?
20:01:44 <maestro>guest, did you go to the Signup page?
20:01:54 <maestro>guest704, looks like you're on here now
20:01:56 *guest704 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:01:57 <serendipi>I requested a ftp doohickey from A1 books today and am waiting for a reply. Are there any tricks to getting my hdc inventory to list over there? Do I just activate?
20:02:03 <Shelly>Will this be a Q & A session or a more detailed guided tour??
20:02:05 *cybercity has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:02:23 <maestro>Shelly, a bit of both .. I'm just waiting for the question flames to die down a bit  Wink
20:03:04 *guest477 (~guest@pool-71-116-137-238.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #newusers
20:03:04 <guest>Where is the signup page?
20:03:09 *Shelly has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:03:19 *cybercity (~cybercity@adsl-75-4-71-181.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #newusers
20:03:21 <maestro>guest, top of the site .. says "Signup" on the nav bar on the left
20:03:21 *Shelly (~fleamarke@ has joined #newusers
20:03:29 <sperryboo>Maestro, Last week you said you'd summarize or print  Thursday night's session.  Where can we read it?
20:03:32 *lylah355 (~lylah@66-230-84-156-cdsl-rb1.fai.acsalaska.net) has joined #newusers
20:03:33 *lylah has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:03:41 <maestro>sperryboo, I'm a loser and don't have it up
20:03:54 <maestro>sperryboo, I started to clean up the logs and at about 3AM gave up
20:04:03 <maestro>sperryboo, then the weekend happened
20:04:06 <Shelly>Sorry got bumped off....will this be a Q & A session or more detailed guided tour??
20:04:16 <maestro>Shelly, a bit of both
20:04:25 <sperryboo>Maestro, I just didn't want to miss it.
20:04:32 <Shelly>okay...will wait and see where it goes
20:04:39 <maestro>alrighty .. what do you say we get started?
20:04:39 <guest477>Michelle, are we having an open chat site tonight?
20:04:58 <maestro>for the initial Q&A, we'll just go around the room
20:05:01 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:05:03 <maestro>cybercity, you got any questions?
20:05:06 <Michelle>guest477, it's a bit of both Q&A and guided.
20:05:26 <lisa274>am i in the new users chat room?
20:05:30 <maestro>lisa274, yes
20:05:43 <maestro>ok .. ixmipat what about you?
20:05:44 *guest477 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:05:46 <cybercity>I'm in very good shape. I loaded Amazon and Half and I am just waiting on my initial load of Ebay tonight. Thanks!
20:05:48 <maestro>oops
20:05:48 <trumpet>that can't be good
20:06:05 <ixmipat>How many of my listing successfully uploaded?
20:06:05 *guest has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:06:12 *lisa274 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:06:17 <maestro>ixmipat, what does the full inventory list say?
20:06:30 <maestro>ixmipat, go to Inventory->Full Inventory List
20:06:34 <cybercity>I have over 600
20:06:53 <ixmipat>It has large sections of 'Successfully processed' followed by equal sections of 'I can't add item"
20:06:54 *guest (~guest@pool-71-116-137-238.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #newusers
20:06:55 *guest has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:06:55 <maestro>ixmipat, what's your AOB username?
20:07:06 <maestro>ixmipat, I'm willing to bet it's the auto-SKUs
20:07:07 <ixmipat>Due West Book Store
20:07:14 <maestro>ixmipat, no, your AOB username
20:07:20 <maestro>oh .. got it
20:07:24 <ixmipat>I did check auto-SKUs
20:07:49 *Rob (~rob@user-1120kdo.dsl.mindspring.com) has joined #newusers
20:07:53 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:07:54 <ixmipat>My SKUs weren't offered, I use ddmmyyi With i being the first letter of the book title
20:07:59 *NotMe has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:08:00 <maestro>ixmipat, how many items did you send on your initial upload?
20:08:03 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:08:07 <ixmipat>5122
20:08:21 <maestro>but you selected a 3 digit sequence number on the auto-SKUs
20:08:31 *tbell (~tbellsboo@dpclt036182.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:08:32 <ixmipat>didn't know what else to do
20:08:37 *beachwood (~beachwood@71-86-182-0.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com) has joined #newusers
20:08:48 <maestro>ixmipat, from the auto-SKUs page for that selection "This will generate a SKU of the format YYMMDDNNN where NNN is a 3-digit sequence number for the number of item listed on that day. Be very careful to not list more than 999 items in any given day."
20:08:54 <ixmipat>My SKUs are not listed in the listings, it's an in-house thing
20:08:59 <maestro>you uploaded more than 999 items, right?
20:09:10 *Shelly has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:09:15 <ixmipat>yes
20:09:23 *Shelly (~fleamarke@ has joined #newusers
20:09:43 <ixmipat>will all my listings now show a date listed of TODAY?
20:09:44 <maestro>ixmipat, here's what happens .. when you upload w/o skus and use the auto-skus, the sequence number is incremented for each item
20:09:52 <maestro>but you uploaded >5K items
20:09:54 *Shelly has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:09:54 <ixmipat>aha!
20:09:59 *sharlene has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:10:02 <maestro>when it got to 999 .. 3 digits .. it started over
20:10:06 *Shelly (~fleamarke@ has joined #newusers
20:10:08 <maestro>ixmipat, did you activate any venues?
20:10:09 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:10:12 <ixmipat>not yet
20:10:21 <ixmipat>wanted to make sure the upload worked
20:10:30 <maestro>ixmipat, k .. change the auto-SKUs to something with 4+ digit sequences and re-upload as a purge and replace
20:10:51 <ixmipat>ok, will do...does the date listed for all my listings change to today
20:10:52 *wrinkledp (~wrinkledp@adsl-68-255-100-203.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) has joined #newusers
20:11:00 <sharlene>When will we be able to sign up for the aob?
20:11:04 <maestro>ixmipat, not exactly
20:11:10 <maestro>ixmipat, if you send a listed date, that will be used
20:11:45 <serendipi>I have requested a ftp file from A1. Can I just let my half.com list go to A1 books?
20:11:50 <sharlene>Am I in the right place
20:11:50 <maestro>of course, on the purge to AZ, I think it will change
20:11:59 <maestro>sharlene, did you come to the Thursday session?
20:12:06 *jistroh (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:12:16 <maestro>we're going around the room right now for initial questions
20:12:23 <maestro>ixmipat, you're all set for now, right?
20:12:41 *lisa274 has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:13:10 *tbell has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:13:14 <maestro>lylah355, you got any initial questions?
20:13:15 *beachwood has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:13:20 <ixmipat>I think so
20:13:24 <maestro>ixmipat, k
20:13:26 <sharlene>Is the forum going on?
20:13:31 <ixmipat>Thank you so much!
20:13:56 <lylah355>well, been kind of asking as i go. dont have any newones right now, thanks though
20:13:57 <maestro>sharlene, the forum? this is the follow-up session for the new users .. you're welcome to stay
20:14:00 <maestro>lylah355, k
20:14:07 <maestro>mcted, how 'bout you?
20:14:12 <jistroh>I am still confused as to what to do.
20:14:26 <maestro>jistroh, do you have an account yet?
20:14:35 *sharlene has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:14:46 *tbell (~tbellsboo@dpclt036182.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:15:04 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:15:05 <jistroh>I don't think so.  I had problems logging on last Thursday and missed about 40 minutes of the session and just got in to the tail end of it.
20:15:10 *tbell has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:15:17 <maestro>jistroh, ah .. gotcha
20:15:20 <maestro>Michelle, you around?
20:15:23 *tbell (~tbellsboo@dpclt036182.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:15:29 <mcted>Everything seems to be ok so far, When I go on vacation next week do I have to do antything here or will selecting Vacation on AZN & HDC be enough?
20:15:43 <maestro>or is Blueverie my backup?
20:15:44 <maestro>lol
20:15:50 <Michelle>I'm here
20:15:55 <Blueverie>uhoh .. what'd I do
20:15:58 <Michelle>lol
20:16:08 <maestro>can one of you go on PM with jistroh and catch 'im up?
20:16:15 <maestro>came in late on Thursday
20:16:20 <Michelle>got it.
20:16:20 *Shelly has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:16:24 *Blueverie hates mondays
20:16:38 <maestro>mcted, you'll need to do it on the venues and set us to inactive on the Venue Settings page
20:16:47 <tbell>hi there, I was blanked out twice. Did anything happen?
20:16:52 <maestro>tbell, not really
20:17:01 <jistroh>I have a question.  I plan on being "sick" some time this week.  Would that help if I went directly to someone there for help getting started?
20:17:05 *wrinkledp has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:17:17 <maestro>Rob, any burning initial questions?
20:17:23 *mcted has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:17:25 <maestro>jistroh, Michelle's gonna help you on private message
20:17:39 <Michelle>jistroh, another window should have popped up.
20:17:40 <Rob>no just trying to get enough energy to deal with the ebay store thing this week before i list anything new
20:17:42 *beachwood (~beachwood@71-86-182-0.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com) has joined #newusers
20:17:46 <jistroh>I have a question.  I plan on being "sick" some time this week.  Would it help if I contacted someone there for help?
20:17:51 <maestro>Rob, oh wow .. good luck, lol
20:17:57 <maestro>serendipi, whatcha got?
20:18:02 *mcted (~mcted@68-116-127-145.dhcp.crsn.ca.charter.com) has joined #newusers
20:18:07 <serendipi>yeah
20:18:14 <mcted>That was weird
20:18:15 <Michelle>jistroh, what AOB username did you say you wanted the other day?  I remember you coming in late and I thought we got you set up
20:18:37 <serendipi>I was wondering about taking my hdc inventory, already here and using it to get started on A1 Books
20:18:48 <maestro>serendipi, so we have your inventory listed here?
20:18:49 *jistroh has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:18:50 *Shelly (~fleamarke@ has joined #newusers
20:18:53 *guest (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:19:13 <serendipi>Most of it, I still have inventory I will have to add from AMZ when I go pro there
20:19:31 <maestro>serendipi, k .. you can just activate A1 and it'll go
20:19:49 *jistroh (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:19:50 *tbell has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:20:04 <serendipi>What about when I go pro on amz? I will have some of the same books from hdc, will that cause a problem?
20:20:25 <maestro>serendipi, if you overlist them, yes
20:20:31 <maestro>you'll need to weed out the duplicates somehow
20:20:39 <sharlene>hi
20:21:03 <maestro>serendipi, probably load that AZ inventory in Excel and remove the ones we already have listed and upload what's left
20:21:05 <maestro>sharlene, hi
20:21:08 <serendipi>so, when I go pro and list my amz books I will need to delete one that are the same on hdc?
20:21:15 <maestro>yeah
20:21:27 <serendipi>ok
20:21:30 <maestro>k .. next
20:21:31 *sharlene has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:21:33 <maestro>sharlene..
20:21:35 <maestro>or not, lol
20:21:44 <maestro>Shelly .. your turn
20:21:58 *tbell (~tbellsboo@dpclt036182.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:22:23 <maestro>going once ...
20:22:35 <serendipi>i have one more question?
20:22:39 <maestro>ok
20:22:47 <ixmipat>1)upload AZ 2) add venue, then what is the sequence for bringing half books in?
20:22:48 <tbell>now I just got bumped out of everything and had to go back to netscape and start again.
20:23:11 <serendipi>I've requested my inventory to be emailed to me 2 or 3 times and haven't gotten it.
20:23:16 <maestro>ixmipat, fetch a token and activate .. there's a section in the help for half
20:23:17 <serendipi>that wasn't really a question
20:23:28 <maestro>serendipi, there's a 'new' download sequence
20:23:34 *wrinkledp (~wrinkledp@adsl-68-255-100-203.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) has joined #newusers
20:23:39 <maestro>serendipi, look just below the download your inventory link and try that
20:23:45 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:23:48 <serendipi>ok
20:23:56 *Shelly has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:23:57 <maestro>sperryboo, you're next
20:24:00 *ravenridg (~ravenridg@70-41-68-32.cust.wildblue.net) has joined #newusers
20:24:22 <lisa274>hello
20:24:26 <maestro>lisa274, hi
20:24:32 <maestro>sperryboo, going once ...
20:24:35 <sperryboo>Oh, boy!  I'll try to download tomorrow.  Any advice.
20:24:38 <maestro>aha!
20:24:45 <maestro>sperryboo, try to download what?
20:24:48 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:24:52 *Shelly (~fleamarke@ has joined #newusers
20:24:55 *moyo (~moyo@user-112183h.dsl.mindspring.com) has joined #newusers
20:25:05 <sperryboo>Or is it upload my Az inventory to AOB.
20:25:11 <maestro>sperryboo, ah .. gotcha
20:25:16 <maestro>sperryboo, have you tried that yet?
20:25:28 <Shelly>Sorry still having problems staying in here
20:25:36 <maestro>sperryboo, it's quite simple .. there's a section in the help on that .. I think the New Users' Guide
20:25:40 <sharlene>When can we sign up for AOF
20:25:42 <maestro>Shelly, are you clicking on other things on the page?
20:25:45 *lisa274 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:25:49 <mcted>616
20:25:54 *maplehill (~maplehill@ip24-255-181-241.ks.ks.cox.net) has joined #newusers
20:25:59 *julie (~julie@dsl-2-120.tncphl.united.net) has joined #newusers
20:26:02 <maestro>sharlene, that's the Thursday session, but if you stick around, we can likely do those at the end of the night
20:26:07 <sperryboo>No, I thought I'd clean up my collectibles, but just changed my mind. We're talking 12,000+ listingw with 3000+ collectibles.
20:26:10 <Shelly>when it gets to the bottom of the page it locks up
20:26:18 <maestro>sperryboo, nice
20:26:21 *cameron84 (~cameron84@207-119-118-178.dyn.centurytel.net) has joined #newusers
20:26:33 <maestro>Shelly, weird .. you're not on Firefox are you?
20:26:38 <sharlene>Does that mean I can go and come back latter for signuo?
20:26:39 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:26:42 <Shelly>no
20:26:43 <maestro>sharlene, sure
20:26:49 <maestro>Shelly, what browser, then?
20:26:56 <sharlene>How much latter will sign up be?
20:26:57 <mcted>Firefox here
20:26:59 <Shelly>Explorer
20:27:00 *ravenridg has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:27:03 <tbell>hi sharlene, shelly and moyo
20:27:08 <maestro>Shelly, interesting .. no clue on that one
20:27:20 <moyo>hello, just watching
20:27:21 *cameron84 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:27:26 *lisa274 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:27:27 <maestro>sperryboo, when you're ready, you can come into the main chat for some help
20:27:37 <maestro>vishali .. you're next
20:27:41 <vishali>thanks, Can I upload a list and deal with auto-repricing and other fine details later? - overwhelmed by that part
20:27:50 <sperryboo>Thank you. I really need it.
20:27:57 *Tracie (~ts_books@ has joined #newusers
20:28:00 <maestro>vishali, oh sure .. in fact, I would suggest that .. one step at a time
20:28:10 *sharlene has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:28:10 *wrinkledp has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:28:12 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:28:17 <maestro>vishali, you don't want to (and likely shouldn't) do it all at once
20:28:25 <vishali>Ok- I plan to upload a list tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll have more questions then
20:28:31 <Shelly>      
20:28:40 <maestro>vishali, k
20:28:43 <Shelly>    
20:28:50 *jistroh (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:28:51 <maestro>anybody we missed for initial question?
20:29:05 *susan (~susan@24-158-214-77.dhcp.slid.la.charter.com) has joined #newusers
20:29:06 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:29:13 <lisa274>probably me - I have been having a time with my chat
20:29:21 <maestro>lisa274, bouncing you out?
20:29:26 <lisa274>yes
20:29:27 <maestro>strange
20:29:44 <lisa274>what was the ?
20:29:45 <maestro>I might suggest an alternate chat client in the future, but we'll have to deal with that at another time
20:29:46 <jistroh>I can't stay on more a couple of minutes and then everything is gone.
20:29:51 *guest (~guest@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:30:01 *sky (~guest@pool-71-116-137-238.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #newusers
20:30:02 <mcted>000
20:30:02 <trumpet>000 is enter.
20:30:04 <sky>hi, anybody there?
20:30:04 <maestro>that's why we suggested you come into the chat beforehand to make sure it worked correctly
20:30:06 *tbell has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:30:24 <Michelle>maestro, be nice. Smiley
20:30:25 *moyo has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:30:34 <maestro>Michelle, Smiley
20:30:40 *moyo (~moyo@user-112183h.dsl.mindspring.com) has joined #newusers
20:30:42 <lisa274>I have been in and out for more than 30 minutes...frustrating - I think it has something to do with windows Smiley
20:30:43 <sharlene>III have been bounced off over and over again from the chat
20:30:45 <jistroh>It worked fine on Thursday, but not today.
20:30:50 <maestro>jistroh, ah
20:30:54 <maestro>failing any further questions ...
20:30:55 *Soconik (~guest@12-207-131-27.client.mchsi.com) has joined #newusers
20:31:01 *Shelly396 (~fleamarke@ has joined #newusers
20:31:08 <maestro>I'd like to go over a couple subjects that are continual sticking point for new users
20:31:10 *Newbie (~dotties_a@ has joined #newusers
20:31:23 <sharlene>What time can we send up for AOB 
20:31:33 <Newbie>hello
20:31:33 <trumpet>hi, Newbie
20:31:33 <maestro>uploads to AOB, uploads to the venues and tracking double-sales
20:31:37 <maestro>sharlene, there's no set time
20:31:44 *lisa274 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:31:45 *Shelly has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:31:47 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:31:47 <maestro>Bruce, you goober, lol
20:31:52 <Newbie>lol
20:31:59 <jistroh>Anybody there?
20:32:08 <maestro>some folks have a tough time uplaoding their inventory to us
20:32:10 <Newbie>couldnt resist
20:32:26 <maestro>as it normally turns out, if you upload to us with files, you'll settle on one format that works for you
20:32:33 *Tracie has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:32:33 <maestro>the toughest ones are the tab-delimited files
20:32:36 *jistroh has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:32:36 <moyo>From Amazon
20:32:43 *Tracie (~ts_books@ has joined #newusers
20:32:44 *jistroh (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:32:45 <maestro>files DIRECTLY from Amazon are a breeze
20:32:52 *sharlene1 (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:32:53 <maestro>they translate right in
20:33:10 <maestro>but as you might soon find out, if you upload a file with a column "PRice" it won't upload correctly
20:33:14 *guest has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:33:16 <maestro>they are case-sensitive
20:33:23 <jistroh>Michelle,any luck resetting my password?
20:33:34 <sharlene1>I missed the answer to sign up time since I was bounced off again
20:33:41 *Newbie has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:33:42 <mcted>kat on keyboard error, is what's cutting connection on my end
20:33:43 <Michelle>jistroh, I reset it to your zipcode you put in your personal settings page
20:33:47 <maestro>there's a section in the help that outlines the accepted column headers .. there are others from the major upload formats, but if you're making your own, these are the ones to use
20:34:00 <maestro>sharlene, there's no set tim
20:34:00 *sharlene1 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:34:01 <moyo>maestro, will one protocol for AOB work with all sale sites?
20:34:09 <maestro>moyo, yes
20:34:13 *Soconik has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:34:20 <maestro>that brings us kinda to the second portion of tonight
20:34:23 <maestro>uploads to the venues
20:34:25 *sharlene has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:34:31 *moyo685 (~moyo@user-112183h.dsl.mindspring.com) has joined #newusers
20:34:34 <maestro>unlike some invnetory management sites, we don't send your 'files' to the selling venues
20:34:40 *moyo has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:34:50 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:34:59 <maestro>we take your inventory you've uploaded to us and translate it to the format used for all the selling venues;
20:35:10 *soconik (~soconik@12-207-131-27.client.mchsi.com) has joined #newusers
20:35:10 *OleTimer (~dotties_a@ has joined #newusers
20:35:11 *Shelly396 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:35:12 <jistroh>Michelle, it still won't work! 
20:35:23 *Shelly (~fleamarke@ has joined #newusers
20:35:23 <Michelle>jistroh, pocketmoney is the username right?
20:35:29 <maestro>on a rotating cycle, we scan your inventory and send to the venues what is determined needs to be sent
20:35:31 <Tracie>so you reformat to say fit the Alibris upload, the Biblio format, etc. Cause all are different, basically
20:35:39 <maestro>Tracie, exactly
20:35:48 *jistroh has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:35:53 <maestro>Tracie, if you have a venue active, you can see this on the venue upload history
20:35:56 *jistroh (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:35:57 <mcted>jistroh: caps lock setting?
20:35:57 <maestro>or VUH as we call it
20:35:58 <lisa274>I have uploaded all of my inventory from AZ to aob and back to AZ - I have more inventory to enter - should I venture out to half or finish keying inventory - what is "safest"?
20:36:05 <moyo685>then I still need to subscribe to each venue
20:36:09 <maestro>moyo685, right
20:36:18 <moyo685>ty
20:36:18 <trumpet>bitte
20:36:20 <jistroh>mcted:  negative. 
20:36:21 <maestro>if you go to History
20:36:27 <Tracie>so thats why Blue said when I wanted to change over some inventory to do the 0's in the qty and then the 1's in the new listings
20:36:28 <maestro>then click on ...
20:36:37 *lisa274 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:36:38 <maestro>Show your past venue uploads
20:36:39 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:36:40 <jistroh>Michelle, how about a phone number?  I am getting desperate.
20:36:45 <mcted>ok, that's my typical login error Smiley
20:37:03 <maestro>you'll see a list of the uploads to each venue, when they happened and their success or failure
20:37:07 <Tracie>right History - thats when I know if an upload is lagging too
20:37:13 <Michelle>jistroh, pocketmoney is the username you are trying right?
20:37:21 <jistroh>Correct
20:37:22 <lylah355>so, if i activate half.com, for example, and not all of my items are in the catalog, will AOB keep trying periodically to get the other ones on?
20:37:23 <maestro>you can click on the ID (on the left) for any one of them to see the full text of what was sent and received to/from the venue
20:37:29 <maestro>lylah355, no
20:37:32 <maestro>lylah355, we try once
20:37:37 <Michelle>jistroh, ok I copied your phone number exactly as you have it.
20:37:38 <Michelle>tyr that.
20:37:39 <lylah355>k
20:37:49 <Tracie>then we have to go in and update that particular listing right?
20:37:54 <Tracie>to get the system to try again?
20:38:10 <jistroh>anyone there?
20:38:15 <maestro>jistroh, yes
20:38:42 <maestro>anyone have problems getting to the venue upload history?
20:38:48 <Tracie>if we go in to update a listing, cause it isn't showing, do we need to make a change? or can we just click update and it will reupload to venues?
20:38:55 *jistroh has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:39:07 <maestro>Tracie, just update
20:39:12 <lisa274>what is the venue upload history?
20:39:12 <trumpet>Click on history link in center top of any AOB page, then click on link under Upload History, then look under the Venue you are looking for
20:39:16 *OleTimer has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:39:17 <Tracie>okay thanks
20:39:25 *sharlene has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:39:27 <maestro>trumpet, upload history
20:39:27 <trumpet>Click on History link in center top of any AOB page, then click on the link under Upload History, then look under the Venue you are looking for
20:39:37 <lisa274>k
20:39:57 <moyo685>I'm constantly adding books, should I add them directly to AOB or add to AZ then upload to AOB
20:40:02 *lisa274 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:40:04 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:40:05 <maestro>moyo685, directly here
20:40:10 *goodbiz (~goodbiz@67-41-253-120.bois.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:40:18 <moyo685>ty
20:40:18 <trumpet>bitte
20:40:21 <Tracie>what if we make a product page on AMZ - and we then add the listing to AOB - does AOB upload that 'made' listing to other venues?
20:40:27 <Tracie>like Alibris?
20:40:33 <Tracie>even tho there is NO ISBN?
20:40:49 <maestro>you will want to periodically check the VUH to see if there are any consistent errors
20:40:57 <maestro>Tracie, that's a bit off topic
20:41:08 <maestro>everyone see where those would show?
20:41:10 <Tracie>oh sorry - moyo asked that question too Smiley
20:41:24 <maestro>I just don't want to get sidetracked
20:41:35 <serendipi>got it maestro
20:41:38 <maestro>cool
20:41:52 <maestro>now .. double sales
20:42:00 <maestro>the bane of booksellers
20:42:01 *pocketmon (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:42:01 <Tracie>okay
20:42:06 <moyo685>go for it
20:42:06 <Tracie>I got one today Sad
20:42:18 <maestro>one sec
20:42:18 <Shelly>In Settings – Single Listing Page - Amazon Categories (which are all numbers)….Can you identify the numbers by putting XXXXX = Fiction right in the drop box?
20:42:27 <maestro>tawlk amungs yerselves
20:42:29 <maestro>Wink
20:42:56 <moyo685>AZ would not admit toa fault in their system on a bet
20:43:02 <mcted>Icky == double sales
20:43:03 <Tracie>anyone send shipment emails when you ship?
20:43:04 <maestro>ok .. back
20:43:13 <Tracie>okay never mind, the boss is back
20:43:17 <maestro>a double sale is when you sell an item on 2 venues but you only have one to ship
20:43:19 <lisa274>what is a double sale?
20:43:19 <trumpet>a double sale is better than no sale Wink
20:43:38 <Tracie>trumpet, you are wrong buddy!
20:43:38 <trumpet>...but trumpet is a bot...
20:43:40 <moyo685>do that now then on alibria and az
20:43:50 <maestro>there are a plethera of reasons this can happen and I'm going to show you how to track down what happened
20:43:53 *thebargai (~thebargai@park.our-town.com) has joined #newusers
20:44:02 *pocketmon has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:44:17 *lisa274 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:44:18 *lisa27449 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:44:22 <maestro>the first thing you want to determine with a double-sale is how far apart the sales happened
20:44:36 *pocketmon (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:44:45 *goodbiz has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:44:49 <maestro>any 2 sales that happen closer than about 3 hours apart, I would chalk up to 'crossed in the mail'
20:44:55 *pocketmon has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:45:05 <maestro>either we didn't send the update quick enough or the venue didn't process it quick enough
20:45:07 <Tracie>my double sale today was 12 days apart
20:45:33 <maestro>We do have a first line of defense against this happening, though
20:45:48 <maestro>everyone (in another window) go to the Inventory Settings page
20:46:20 <lylah355>k
20:46:26 <serendipi>ok
20:46:29 <lisa27449>k
20:46:30 <mcted>k
20:46:33 <maestro>at the top of the page .. Listing Constraints
20:46:39 <maestro>one of them is Min List Rank
20:46:52 <maestro>you're familiar with the Amazon Sales Rank, right?
20:47:00 <cybercity>right
20:47:05 <maestro>the min list rank for any venue works like this
20:47:08 <serendipi>not so much
20:47:24 <maestro>an item won't list to a venue if it's rank is less than the min list rank for that venue
20:47:33 *moyo685 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:47:49 <maestro>this is not retroactive .. if you set it after you activate or upload to us, it won't go back and change what's already done
20:48:04 <maestro>what this does, actually, is set the don't list flags on incoming listings to AOB
20:48:22 <maestro>what you likely want to do is set all venues Min List Rank to about 5000-20000
20:48:36 <maestro>that way, anything less than, say, 20000 rank will ONLY list on Amazon
20:48:45 <maestro>it's gonna sell so fast, it won't matter if it's multi-listed
20:48:50 *goodbiz (~goodbiz@67-41-253-120.bois.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
20:49:00 <maestro>AND it has a MUCH less chance of double selling
20:49:03 <maestro>Wink
20:49:19 <maestro>the slower selling items tend to sell further apart
20:49:29 <maestro>so a much less chance to double sell
20:49:35 *lisa27449 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:49:38 *lisa274 (~lisa274@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:49:51 <cybercity>Isn't 20k a high rank? I sell many items in the 4 digit range.
20:49:51 *pocketmon (~pocketmon@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:49:52 <maestro>the next most popular reason for double sales are bad username/password for venues
20:49:55 <mcted>Do you need to set that on Amazon as wewll?
20:50:02 *Rob has quit (Client Quit)
20:50:04 <maestro>mcted, no .. that's ONLY here
20:50:05 <mcted>as well?
20:50:12 <mcted>ok,
20:50:13 <vishali>can you give a quick explanation of list rank - this will make more sense - I'm new to amazon
20:50:14 <lisa274>maestro - I am getting kicked off every other second - will you post this somewhere for us to read later??
20:50:24 <maestro>make a habit of checking your VUH periodically to make sure we can get items to your venues
20:50:35 <maestro>lisa274, I gotta get both of them up tonight
20:50:48 <lylah355>What is VUH>
20:50:53 <maestro>vishali, that was the above discussion
20:51:03 <maestro>VUH=Venue UPlaod History
20:51:10 <maestro>vishali, do you mean the Amazon Sales Rank?
20:51:10 <lylah355>thanks
20:51:27 *goodbiz has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:51:27 <maestro>the AZ Sales Rank is like a top-10 list at AMazon .. only it's 3.5 mil items long
20:51:35 <maestro>low numbers are faster sellers
20:51:40 *thebargai has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:51:44 <maestro>1 is the #1 seller, 2 the #2 seller and so on
20:51:46 <mcted>on the settings page / set AZN & HDC the same? or set just HDC?
20:51:49 <vishali>yes - I don't understand the above because I don't know what the rank means
20:51:52 <maestro>mcted, hta' up to you
20:52:31 <maestro>vishali, if you list a book competitively with a sales rank < about 2K, it'll sell that day
20:52:34 <cybercity>So 20000 is still a hot seller....sometimes
20:52:37 <maestro>< 20K will sell by the next day
20:52:43 <maestro>< 100K you'll have it for a couple weeks
20:52:44 <mcted>setting HDC to 20k & leaving AZN at 0 would do what?
20:52:50 <maestro>>500K, you're gonna sit on it a while
20:52:55 <maestro>mcted, yeah
20:53:02 *Jon (~thebargai@park.our-town.com) has joined #newusers
20:53:06 <maestro>back to the username/password
20:53:08 <pocketmon>Michelle, can I contact you later on this week by phone?  I will be calling in sick just to get this set up and I don't seem to be having much luck even though I am in the site now.  And I am a PM on Az.
20:53:14 *wrinkledp (~wrinkledp@adsl-68-255-100-203.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) has joined #newusers
20:53:23 *lisa274 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:53:25 <maestro>if you ever change your username/password on a venue we NEED to know about that by updating the venue settings page
20:53:45 <vishali>Ok- if you'll post this later, I'll re-read the explanation  and get it - this helps
20:53:53 <mcted>maestro I don't understand.... Mercury is combust Sad
20:53:54 *pocketmon has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:53:59 *pocketmon (~pocketmon@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:54:10 *wrinkledp has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:54:10 <maestro>mcted, what don't you understand?
20:54:32 *wrinkledp (~wrinkledp@adsl-68-255-100-203.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) has joined #newusers
20:54:52 <cybercity>mcted: it will list all items 20k and under only on AZN. Anything greater on both.
20:55:21 <mcted>Tkz, Cybercity /// Now I get it.
20:55:24 <maestro>let's see .. next reason for the double sale ....
20:55:36 <maestro>Michelle, Blueverie what's the #3 reason for double-sales?
20:55:48 <Michelle>flukes?
20:55:57 <Michelle>didn't empty half account
20:56:04 <Tracie>I had one today that was 12 days apart
20:56:07 <maestro>ah yes .. the half
20:56:14 <Michelle>shopping cart errror
20:56:19 <Tracie>I did a refresh for my venues to make sure, hopefully it doesn't happen again
20:56:26 <maestro>AHA!!
20:56:35 <cybercity>aha!
20:56:36 <maestro>the half.com shopping cart error
20:56:38 <mcted>Tracie, HDC is famous for double sales
20:56:43 <maestro>this one is more common that we would like
20:56:46 <maestro>here's what happens
20:56:48 <Tracie>I had one there too
20:56:55 <maestro>you have a book on AZ and half
20:57:00 <sperryboo>Bedtime.  Be in touch tomorrow.
20:57:13 *sky has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:57:14 <maestro>Bubba puts an item in his shopping cart on half.com at 12:00
20:57:17 *sperryboo has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:57:21 <maestro>but doesn't follow through
20:57:23 <maestro>yet
20:57:31 <maestro>at 4:00 someone buys the item on AZ
20:57:34 <maestro>we send the delete
20:57:37 <maestro>to half
20:57:45 <Tracie>ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gggggggrrrrr thats why!
20:57:47 <maestro>but it's in someone's shopping cart, so half won't delete it
20:57:53 <maestro>Tracie, not 12 days
20:57:57 <maestro>one sec
20:57:59 <Tracie>no the one at half
20:58:14 <Tracie>that had to be the reason
20:58:16 <cybercity>Ah, the ole item sitting on a shopping cart trick!
20:58:57 <cybercity>I hate when that happens.
20:59:08 <maestro>back
20:59:15 *Jon has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:59:26 <maestro>then they follow through on half and you have a double-sale
20:59:32 <maestro>NOTHING you or we can do about it
20:59:43 <mcted>Yeah & HDC says the carts empty in a half hour.... To test I left on of my items in MY cart for 6 hours before it "fell out"
21:00:10 <maestro>they say 1/2 hour?
21:00:15 *pocketmon has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
21:00:20 <maestro>they're full of hooey, too .. I've seen 14+ hours
21:00:33 <lylah355>had a merketplace item in my cart for several days before it left... on az
21:00:44 <cybercity>I used to take competitors items offline by putting them in my cart so that I could sell mine. I don't do it anymore
21:00:50 <maestro>another common double-sale is Alibris
21:00:52 <Michelle>I"ve seen AMazon take 6 hours not the 30 minutes it says
21:00:53 <mcted>yes. they say 30 min
21:01:01 <maestro>Alibris upload can take 24 hours for them to process
21:01:15 <Tracie>okay so for no double sales, we hope, what do you do at the holidays?
21:01:33 <Tracie>Starting in September, it starts a pretty good rush, for me at least
21:01:36 <maestro>if you ever see a boldfaced 'U' next to an order, this mean this is an Unmatched order .. i.e. we don't think you should've sold it
21:01:53 <maestro>Michelle mentioned the 'flukes'
21:02:11 <serendipi>so, do we get the orders from you? or the venue?
21:02:12 <maestro>from time to time, we see a delete that we sent, the venue accepted, but the item's still listed
21:02:45 <Tracie>serendipi: the venues
21:02:45 <trumpet>the venues is probably AOB offers services for ABE,  Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.uk,  Amazon.fa, Amazon.de, Alibris, Half.com, e-Bay, Biblio, Valore, A1Books, Chrislands, and Choosebooks!
21:02:45 <vishali>this is off topic, but while you're talking about venue's issues - which venues would you recommend I add first - I'm on ebay, Abe and Amazon so far
21:03:14 <Tracie>so what happens with that fluke R?
21:03:42 <maestro>it happens .. we push through up to $60K in orders a day, so it doesn't take long for the freak accidents to occur
21:04:01 <maestro>vishali, half
21:04:13 <maestro>Tracie, it just doesn't delete and resells on the venue
21:04:19 <Tracie>we should watch our venues closely
21:04:25 <vishali>maestro - thanks
21:04:34 <maestro>another very common double-sale is the 'repricing double-sale'
21:04:42 <maestro>let's say you sit down to reprice
21:04:45 <maestro>at 12:00
21:04:57 <maestro>you hit the update button at 12:15 for an item
21:05:06 <mcted>I'm on HDC & AZN, what would be my logical next two venues?
21:05:09 <maestro>someone buys that same item from Amazon at 12:20
21:05:18 <maestro>we send the updated price (and qty) at 12:30
21:05:21 <maestro>it relists
21:05:40 <maestro>we get the order at 12:45
21:05:51 <maestro>someone buys the 2nd one at 12:50
21:06:01 <maestro>we send the delete at 1:00
21:06:08 <maestro>double sale and there's nothing you can do about it
21:06:14 <maestro>or know when it will happen
21:06:18 <maestro>it's rare, but it does happen
21:06:50 <maestro>Blueverie, Michelle does that about cover them?
21:07:00 <Michelle>those are the ones we run across the most
21:07:04 <maestro>k
21:07:05 <serendipi>I just did a reprice on amz and someone bought it before the reprice went through. I better check
21:07:11 <maestro>serendipi, yup
21:07:19 <maestro>serendipi, those are most dangerous on quick sellers
21:07:28 <maestro>because it'll get deleted eventually
21:07:32 <maestro>from the 1st sale
21:07:39 *Blueverie hasn't been paying attention .. but agrees anyway Smiley
21:07:40 <maestro>but there's this 'window of vulnerability'
21:07:44 <maestro>Blueverie, k .. thanks
21:07:46 <maestro>Smiley
21:08:03 <Tracie>are you going to decrease the time period for uploads for adds/deletes at the holidays?
21:10:22 <Shelly>In Settings – Single Listing Page - Amazon Categories (which are all numbers)….Can you identify the numbers by putting XXXXX = Fiction right in the drop box?
21:10:28 <maestro>sorry .. brb
21:11:26 *susan (~susan@24-158-214-77.dhcp.slid.la.charter.com) has left #newusers (Leaving)
21:12:16 <maestro>k
21:12:18 <maestro>back .. sorry
21:12:29 <maestro>Tracie, no, we do them as fast as possible
21:12:39 <maestro>if we can do them in 5 minutes, why wouldn't we?
21:13:09 <Tracie>It's a 20 minute space with add/deletes right?
21:13:21 <maestro>I really wanted to make sure you all knew about the venue upload history, some of the pitfalls of uploads and the like tonight .. those are the 2 most common hang-ups for newbies
21:13:24 <maestro>Tracie, it varies
21:13:28 <Tracie>okay
21:13:37 <maestro>Tracie, I've seen 6 minutes and I've seen 45 minutes when all's going well
21:13:46 <maestro>if all's not well, it hits 1-2 hours
21:13:57 <maestro>but when it's that bad, you can be sure we're working ont he problem
21:14:13 <maestro>but don't be afraid to come into the chat and let us know if you feel it's taking too long
21:14:30 <vishali>can we have another meeting like this to discuss re-pricing and sales rank topics? It sounds like there is a ton of stuff I haven't thought of before
21:14:52 <soconik>If it's a really hot title would it hurt to go to the individual venues and delete?
21:14:52 <Tracie>I'm with vishali - I need a repricing seminar
21:15:05 <vishali>thanks tracie
21:15:45 *angel (~angel@ has joined #newusers
21:15:59 <maestro>soconik, not really, but if it's really hot, you should've take care of that with the min list ranks, right?
21:16:02 <maestro>and it should only be on AZ
21:16:28 <soconik>Yeah, I know but I only can remember so much...
21:16:38 <maestro>soconik, I hear you .. I'm the same way
21:16:46 <serendipi>yeah, discussion about sales ranks would be good for me too
21:17:13 <maestro>serendipi, what would you like to know .. I think we're kinda wrapping up here, so we can open it up a bit
21:17:22 <ixmipat>I would like to know more about repricing
21:17:41 <serendipi>I think I will have to check it out on amz so i can know what questions I do have
21:17:53 <maestro>serendipi, alright
21:17:56 <serendipi>Only been selling there a short time
21:17:59 <julie>Maestro, What is your recommended min list rank?  Below 10,000 and do you eliminate all venues but Amazon?
21:18:09 <maestro>julie, right, but I would use 30K
21:18:17 <Shelly>I have 5 specific questions....should do it here or later in Chat Room
21:18:18 <vishali>seredipi- me too  - new to amazon - have much to learn
21:18:45 <serendipi>lots to learn about lots of different things!
21:18:54 <maestro>Shelly, go ahead and shoot
21:19:02 <Shelly>In Settings – Single Listing Page - Amazon Categories (which are all numbers)….Can you identify the numbers by putting XXXXX = Fiction right in the drop box?
21:19:23 <maestro>Shelly, those categories are numbers only
21:19:30 <maestro>you might want to use the browse path instead
21:19:34 <maestro>as those are free-form text
21:19:40 <Shelly>So tape a crib sheet next to the computer
21:19:50 <maestro>sadly for what you want to do, yes
21:19:55 <Shelly>ok
21:19:59 <Shelly>next one
21:19:59 <trumpet>next one is the Single List Page Settings
21:20:05 <Shelly>In our Data Base upload we had 10 different prices for 10 different venues….only 8 successfully imported.
21:20:19 <maestro>which ones didn't?
21:20:39 <Shelly>Custom1 and Choosebooks
21:20:50 *guest (~guest@ip68-1-106-128.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #newusers
21:21:33 <maestro>hmm
21:21:42 <Shelly>hmmm what?
21:21:46 <maestro>Shelly, lemme dig a bit .. what headings did you use?
21:21:56 <Shelly>the ones you listed on the site
21:22:00 *angel has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
21:22:30 <Shelly>will check with you later on that issue next question
21:22:38 <Shelly>Can you do a ONE TIME change to a venue price for us by not using the CORE PRICE
21:22:40 <maestro>Shelly, what's your AOB username and I can look
21:22:53 <Shelly>fleamarketbooks
21:24:00 <maestro>Shelly, it's price_chb not price_ChB
21:24:06 <maestro>and price_cs1 not price_CS1
21:24:23 <lylah355>thanks, i just set up my half with a 30k
21:24:33 <Shelly>ok...we used the way it was listed on the listing sheet.....so now what?
21:24:42 <maestro>on the listing sheet?
21:24:43 <maestro>OH!
21:24:44 <maestro>lol
21:24:49 <maestro>no, those are all lowercase
21:24:50 <Shelly>Single listing page
21:24:54 <lylah355>one of the reasons i never did double listings was because i was afraid of double sales lol
21:25:00 <maestro>yeah, I can see the confusion
21:25:12 <maestro>double sales WILL happen
21:25:19 <lylah355>\ya
21:25:20 <Shelly>so what do we do now?
21:25:24 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
21:25:24 *guest has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:25:25 <maestro>we can help keep them to a min, but not eliminate them
21:25:33 <maestro>Shelly, what do you want to do?
21:25:35 <Michelle>I"ve had a double sale happen and I was only on Amazon at the time
21:25:42 <maestro>Michelle, lol
21:25:43 <Shelly>those prices added in
21:25:47 <Michelle>Smiley
21:25:50 <sharlene>When can we sign up for AOB
21:25:57 *guest (~guest@ip68-1-106-128.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #newusers
21:25:59 <julie>Maestro, I think you may have answered this earlier, but I want to be sure.  If I make this change right now, will it affect all of my current listings or only future listings?
21:26:04 <lylah355>BUT i knew I wasnt organized enough to be able to avoid them at all, with you guys I at least have to confidence to try it
21:26:19 <maestro>julie, the min list ranks? only new ones
21:26:30 *guest has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:26:41 *ecbooks (~guest@ip68-1-106-128.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #newusers
21:26:42 *guest (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
21:26:48 <maestro>sharlene, Michelle's gonna get you
21:26:57 <Michelle>sharlene, I sent you a pm did you get it?
21:27:06 <guest>no
21:27:24 <Michelle>guest, are you sharlene ? 
21:27:29 <Michelle>I"m a little confused.
21:27:44 <maestro>Shelly, here's what I would do ...
21:27:51 <guest>II am a new user, Sharlene is my name
21:27:56 <julie>Maestro, ok.  Thank you.  This was very informative, even for a not-so-new user!
21:27:57 <guest>I want to sign up
21:28:01 <maestro>take that file you sent us .. take out all columns except sku, price_chb, and price_cs1
21:28:03 *ecbooks has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:28:05 <maestro>and upload that
21:28:05 <trumpet>somebody said upload that was that large, is from monday morning
21:28:16 <maestro>that'll update only those 2 fields
21:28:26 <ixmipat>Should I start looking for my SSNs here on will they still come to my e-mail?
21:28:33 *maplehill has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:28:41 <Michelle>guest, I just send you a private message.  did you get it?
21:28:41 <maestro>ixmipat, you'll still get them, but they'll also show up in your ship list
21:28:55 *sharlene has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
21:29:04 <guest>Wrong person, I am not Michelle
21:29:10 <vishali>Maestro- are we done with the general discussion?
21:29:11 <Shelly>great.  Can I also do the same to another column price if I want one venue to have a different price
21:29:18 <maestro>vishali, yes
21:29:25 <maestro>Shelly, right
21:29:33 <mcted>Maestro: I sell on HDC & AZN / What would be the nest two venues to add?
21:29:41 <Michelle>guest, I understand.  I"m tyring to send you a private message so I can get you signed up
21:29:42 <maestro>mcted, ebay and Alibris
21:29:48 <vishali>thanks - I'll try my first upload and be in touch. Will there be another meeting, or am I on my own now?
21:30:01 <Shelly>thanks
21:30:04 <maestro>vishali, we're on the main chat most of the time
21:30:04 <mcted>Tks, Maestro
21:30:06 *the_book_ (~guest@ has joined #newusers
21:30:07 <maestro>somebody is anyway
21:30:23 <serendipi>Thanks maestro, bye
21:30:26 <Shelly>We are an old Half.com FTP account.  After following the directions on the Help Page is that all you will need.  There was not a place to log-in a username and password.
21:30:31 *serendipi has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:30:41 <maestro>Shelly, we don't need the FTP account
21:30:43 <guest>When can I sign up for the AOB
21:30:44 <vishali>thanks - I'll get started ASAP Thanks for all the information!
21:30:52 <the_book_>We would like only a fairly narrow range of service from The Art Of Books.
21:30:52 <ixmipat>I had 5122 listings, now Amazon says I only have 2016, what happened?
21:30:53 <Shelly>So just follow those directions
21:31:00 <Michelle>guest, I'm trying to send you a private message to get you signed up.  did you get it?
21:31:00 <vishali>bye!
21:31:00 <trumpet>See ya!
21:31:04 *vishali has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:31:27 *Marilyn (~marilyn@c-71-234-166-55.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
21:31:41 <Marilyn>hi kids
21:31:43 <Michelle>Hi Marilyn
21:31:51 <the_book_>We would like only a fairly narrow range of service from The Art Of Books.  We would like to migrate from our Homebase inventory to our eBay Store all of our books priced at $9.50 and above, or which there are probably fewer than 3,000.  We would like to be able to update (both adds and deletes) our eBay Store frequently, as many as several times a day, based on our database exports. Our understanding is that The Art Of Books can help but before we take fur
21:31:51 *sharlene (~guest@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
21:31:52 <Marilyn>hows the intro to AOB going?
21:31:54 *guest has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:31:57 <lylah355>so, is the chat about over? or are there more goodies and words of wisdom?
21:32:15 <maestro>no, that's about it, lylah355
21:32:22 <lylah355>k cool
21:32:22 <sharlene>When can I sign up?  This is frustrating
21:32:26 <Tracie>are we going to have a repricing seminar???
21:32:45 *soconik has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:32:58 <maestro>the_book_, right .. I'm sure you'd want to migrate your other venues in the future, but if you want to start with only ebay, that's fine
21:33:09 <ixmipat>Please help me, where did my inventory go, why did it drop from 5122 to 2016??
21:33:10 <Michelle>sharlene, I'm tyring to get you signed
21:33:10 <maestro>sharlene, Michelle's been trying to message you
21:33:17 <lylah355>i will ttyl, i gtg and finish fixing dinner, trple tasking is kind of ummm, dofficult for me loll
21:33:20 <lylah355>night
21:33:56 <maestro>ixmipat, did you upload something?
21:34:03 <ixmipat>now it's 2811
21:34:17 <ixmipat>I activated the venue for Amazon
21:34:23 <maestro>ixmipat, did you do a purge and replace?
21:34:27 <ixmipat>yes
21:34:37 <Marilyn>well it purged and now its replacing Wink
21:34:37 <maestro>it's fine .. patience
21:34:41 <maestro>ixmipat, check it now
21:34:49 <maestro>hey, Marilyn
21:34:49 <trumpet>it has been said that Marilyn is SO pissed off at ebay i can't see straight
21:34:51 *lylah355 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:34:56 <Marilyn>ROTFLMAO
21:35:01 <Marilyn>hi Rodger
21:35:04 <ixmipat>thank you, yes it is increasing, boy was I scared
21:35:11 <maestro>lol
21:35:20 <maestro>trumpet, forget Marilyn
21:35:20 <trumpet>maestro: I forgot marilyn
21:35:45 <Marilyn>Ah trumpet, you always leave me
21:36:27 *Tracie has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:36:35 <maestro>any questions we missed?
21:36:42 <the_book_>Well, yes.
21:36:51 <maestro>the_book_, did you see my reply?
21:36:56 *Tracie (~ts_books@ has joined #newusers
21:37:10 <the_book_>I'm sure you covered everything but our interest is in the cost.
21:37:14 <maestro>the_book_, right .. I'm sure you'd want to migrate your other venues in the future, but if you want to start with only ebay, that's fine
21:37:21 <maestro>trumpet, fees
21:37:21 <trumpet>With the first 30 days free you needn't worry about watching the clock when you sign up.  We're proud to be the best value for today's seller. Our monthly fee schedule is very simple. Sales Commission  $0-$10,000 1%, > $10,000 0.5%, No minimums per sale, $10 minimum per month. Bills are sent on the 5th and can be paid by Credit card or Paypal.
21:38:11 <maestro>bbiab folks
21:38:45 <the_book_>Again, my apologies.  I have a bookstore and a crowd prevented my attending earlier.  How might you suggest I begin with your service.
21:38:58 <Michelle>the_book_, happened again huh?  lol
21:39:16 <the_book_>If only they'd all bought something.
21:40:01 <Michelle>I understand.
21:40:05 <Michelle>any more qustions?
21:40:08 <Michelle>questions*
21:40:15 <the_book_>If you've covered everything I need to know, perhaps if the discussion were posted onto the forum, then I wouldn't need to bother you.
21:40:31 <Marilyn>the_book, the fees here are VERY reasonable.
21:40:33 <Shelly>I will say good night and let you wrap up with everyone else.  We are planning to begin the activation process on Wednesday morning.  I am sure you will hear from us.  Thanks for you help.
21:40:42 <Marilyn>The closest competitor charges 5x as much for base level
21:40:45 <Michelle>we meant to do that for thrusday's bue didn't get it up yet.  we'll post both of these by tomorrow afternoon
21:40:53 <the_book_>I see that.  Thank you.
21:41:01 <Michelle>Shelly, looking forward to it
21:41:09 <Shelly>Probably not
21:41:11 <Shelly>nite
21:41:18 *Shelly has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:41:27 <the_book_>Great.  We would like to be up on eBay stores as early in August as possible.
21:41:41 *capitalbo (~capitalbo@cpe-66-68-162-10.austin.res.rr.com) has joined #newusers
21:41:43 <Michelle>the_book_, where are are you listed?
21:41:48 *ixmipat has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:41:48 <Michelle>ebay can be tricky
21:42:11 <Michelle>Hello capitalbo
21:42:19 <the_book_>We're everywhere.  We just took down all of our inventory from eBay.
21:42:20 <Michelle>the_book_, do you already have an ebay sotre?
21:42:25 <the_book_>Yes.
21:42:39 <Michelle>the_book_, cool so you have an idea about the bugs they call ebay.com lol
21:42:47 <mcted>Michelle, that's why I don't sell on ebay
21:42:47 <Marilyn>ROTFLMAO
21:42:57 *cybercity has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:43:06 <Michelle>mcted, i understand 
21:43:15 <Michelle>ebay is so configurable it gets tricky
21:43:18 <the_book_>I'm a Books Category Voice.  We've been with them since 1998.  I've even hosted workshops for eBay.
21:43:41 <Michelle>that's cool  you really are ready to dive into ebay then.
21:44:01 <Michelle>there are a couple help pages in the AOB help for eBay make sure you take a look at those
21:44:06 <the_book_>Michelle: ebay is so configurable it gets tricky  Too true.
21:44:44 <maestro>sorry to duck out like that .. had to take care of something
21:44:51 <mcted>I'm an eBay user since 99 / rarely sold on it before I started selling on HDC
21:44:53 <maestro>looks like Michelle got it covered
21:44:59 <the_book_>"In the AOB": do you mean the forum.
21:45:15 *capitalbo has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:45:17 <maestro>in the AOB help
21:45:22 <Michelle>there are some in the forum , but also the AOB help pages.
21:45:26 <maestro>click Help at the top of any page on AOB
21:45:30 <the_book_>Ah.
21:45:35 <Michelle>it's the last tab on the top.... what maestro said SmileyO
21:46:18 *julie has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:46:19 <the_book_>So ...  I'll upload a tab-delimited ftp to you for eBay Stores, and then proceed from there, eh?
21:47:46 <maestro>well, not FTP, the upload section is under Inventory->Upload an inventory file
21:49:06 <Tracie>I have a question about my refresh
21:50:30 <mcted>Have a good night, everybody //// done packaging //// going to go list new books
21:50:39 <the_book_>My apologies again.  A storeful of browsers kept me too busy to attend the first ninety minutes of this meeting.  I'll try to intuit uploading et cetera, and see how it goes.
21:50:59 *mcted has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:51:07 <maestro>the_book_, alright .. that's fine .. the signup session is on Thursday anyway
21:51:13 <Tracie>I did a refresh and now my Amazon pendings are gone
21:51:24 <maestro>Tracie, amazon pendings?
21:51:43 <Tracie>I had three pending orders, '0
21:51:52 <Tracie>0's - and now the zeroes are gone
21:52:08 <Tracie>only one relisted, in which I deleted already
21:52:19 <the_book_>There's to be another of these meetings before we're accepted by, or may enroll in, The Art Of Books?
21:52:24 <maestro>Tracie, um .. ok
21:52:50 <maestro>the_book_, if you'd like, we can go ahead and get you setup, but I would still encourage you to come to the new users' meetings
21:52:57 <maestro>we'll be posting the logs of these to the forums
21:53:08 <the_book_>Thank you.
21:53:17 <Tracie>so are the pending orders still pending? do ya think? or we're they deleted and then in turn deleted from the buyer shopping cart
21:53:28 <maestro>Tracie, no clue
21:53:38 <maestro>the_book_, what username would you like?
21:54:02 <the_book_>I believe we've signed up as the_book_shop.
21:54:14 <Tracie>a refresh only makes sure all the books are the same on all venues - it's not a purge - so those pendings should still be there  - so now I'm confused on the refresh
21:54:17 *trumpet has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:54:17 *trumpet (~trumpet@virgo.theartofbooks.com) has joined #newusers
21:54:31 <the_book_>Our real-life brick and mortar store is The Book Shop in Iowa City Iowa.
21:54:45 <maestro>but I thought you said you had yet to sign up?
21:54:49 <maestro>you already have an account
21:55:16 <the_book_>See, I missed a lot tonight.
21:55:36 <maestro>oh .. ok .. Michelle just said she signed you up the other day
21:55:50 *trumpet has quit (Killed (virgo.services (Nickname Enforcement)))
21:55:50 *trumpet1 (~trumpet@virgo.theartofbooks.com) has joined #newusers
21:55:53 <maestro>you're ready to go then if you'd like .. take your time
21:56:01 <the_book_>When you wrote that there would be another meeting this coming Thursday, I thought that it must be for more training or evaluation.
21:56:08 *trumpet1 has quit (Quit: regrouping; bbiab)
21:56:31 <maestro>oh, no, we're just doing the signups a bit different .. you've got an account, so you're good
21:56:44 <the_book_>That'll be a first ....
21:56:51 <maestro>we're trying to 'slow things down' a bit
21:57:07 <maestro>and give the new users somewhere together to hash things out
21:57:08 <Marilyn>rodger is a victim of his own success Smiley
21:57:13 <maestro>instead of in 100 tickets
21:57:14 <maestro>lol
21:57:16 <the_book_>I've read about you change in approach.  It sounds reasonable.
21:57:17 <maestro>yeah .. a little
21:57:31 <Tracie>please a little explanation please????
21:57:33 <Tracie>please?
21:57:44 <Marilyn>Tracie?
21:57:46 <maestro>Tracie, what am I explaining?
21:58:11 <Tracie>I asked before about the refresh and purge - the refresh is bringing things in that were bought
21:58:24 <Tracie>if a refresh isn't a purge, why did the pendings get deleted
21:58:29 <maestro>bought just recently, right?
21:58:36 <the_book_>Wishing you all the best, I'll leave you all for now with my thanks.  Take good care.
21:58:39 <maestro>I have no clue about the pendings
21:58:45 <maestro>thanks, the_book_
21:58:48 <maestro>have a wonderful evening
21:58:48 <Tracie>yes - I got an order tonight  - I did the refresh earlier -
21:58:54 *the_book_ has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:59:00 <maestro>Tracie, a purge and replace or just a refresh?
21:59:05 <Tracie>then the book was relisted BUT it's not in AOB inventory, it was on AMZ
21:59:10 <Tracie>just a refresh
21:59:18 *Marilyn (~marilyn@c-71-234-166-55.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) has left #newusers
21:59:35 <Tracie>I went to my inventory, and checked the refresh boxes cause I got another double order - the one 12 days apart
21:59:35 <maestro>how'd it relist if it's not in AOB?
21:59:39 <maestro>did you check your VUH
21:59:53 <maestro>for when it uploaded?
21:59:57 <Tracie>I don't know, thats why I'm confused about the refresh and purget
22:00:13 <maestro>but you said it was only a refresh
22:00:17 <maestro>not a purge, right?
22:00:21 <Tracie>yes it was only a refresh
22:00:32 <Tracie>on the inventory page I checked the refresh boxes
22:00:34 <maestro>you can search the VUH for SKUs to see when/if it was uploaded
22:00:49 *trumpet (~trumpet@virgo.theartofbooks.com) has joined #newusers
22:01:04 <Tracie>I thought if I got a double order, for the 12 days apart then that must mean my inventories aren't exact on all venues
22:01:17 <maestro>not necessarily
22:01:23 <maestro>what caused the double-sale?
22:01:24 <Tracie>so instead of a purge I did a refresh to align everything
22:01:30 <maestro>did you check the VUH for uploads on that particular SKU?
22:01:34 <maestro>were there any errors?
22:02:15 <Tracie>I'm checking but I don't think there are any
22:03:44 <Tracie>no errors
22:04:25 <Tracie>only half and ebay had an error and that is because of ISBN I would think
22:04:46 <maestro>did you look at the error messages at the bottom of the page?
22:04:55 <maestro>the <LongMessage> ... </LongMessage>
22:05:03 <Tracie>there is no message
22:05:19 <maestro>was it an error?
22:06:19 <Tracie>no message, I clicked on the upload and it says success at the bottom
22:06:54 <maestro>was it a half or ebay error?
22:07:44 <maestro>Success? That's not a response from half or ebay
22:08:02 <Tracie>in the uploads it showed an ebay error and a half error - the half error was because of an isbn - the ebay error was because of an isbn error
22:08:16 <maestro>ah
22:08:19 <Tracie>the success was from an Amazon one - no errors from Amazon
22:08:25 <maestro>but you said it double-sold on half, right?
22:08:49 *mark56865 (~mark56865@h69-129-51-140.69-129.unk.tds.net) has joined #newusers
22:08:50 <Tracie>just tonight - no double sale - that was a week ago
22:09:08 <Tracie>tonight with the refresh - it's acting like an PnR
22:09:13 <Tracie>at least thats how it looks
22:09:15 <maestro>ok
22:09:32 <Tracie>unless I'm looking at it wrong
22:09:36 <maestro>but it's not a PNR
22:09:43 <maestro>unless it says 'Purge' on the VUH
22:09:52 <Tracie>no I did not to a PnR I clicked the refresh boxes only
22:09:57 <maestro>right
22:10:25 <maestro>alright .. I gotta get out of here .. I'll catch up with you guys later
22:10:32 *Tracie has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
22:19:40 *maestro (~Rodger@dhcp5-66-244-91-139.stfd.smithvilledsl.net) has left #newusers (Leaving)
22:20:24 *guest has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
22:40:25 *wrinkledp has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
23:09:14 *mark56865 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
23:16:33 *mcted253 (~mcted@68-116-127-145.dhcp.crsn.ca.charter.com) has joined #newusers
23:16:39 *mcted253 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
23:39:32 *Blueverie (~Blueverie@doc-209-33-120-74.el.wv.cebridge.net) has joined #newusers
23:50:31 *Blueverie has quit (Quit: Cease Cows, Life is Short)
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