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Thurs. (July 27) NewUsers meeting & account setup (Read 1151 times)
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Thurs. (July 27) NewUsers meeting & account setup
Aug 2nd, 2006 at 6:05pm
Thursday July 27, 2006 New Users meeting and account set up.

(user introductions were removed to save reading time)

20:04:36 <maestro>we'll start with a simple overview of AOB and let you in on some of the people and operations
20:04:55 <maestro>we started last May with just Michelle and myself
20:04:59 *lisa (~guest@dpc6745130241.direcpc.com) has joined #newusers
20:05:14 <renee183>this year you started or started 2005
20:05:17 <maestro>then through the growth, Eric (Blueverie) came on first as a user, and eventually as support staff
20:05:18 *Wenrose (~guest@c-69-141-96-59.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:05:20 <maestro>'05
20:05:49 <maestro>Eric and Michelle did customer support until about May of this year when we brought on Samantha and Carla
20:06:11 <maestro>Michelle and I live in a yurt on a nature sanctuary in southern Indiana ..
20:06:16 <maestro>Eric likes in Elkins, WV
20:06:22 <maestro>Samantha is in London, OH
20:06:27 <maestro>Carla is somewhere in TN
20:06:33 <maestro>so we're rather spread out
20:06:39 <Michelle>Carla is in Clarksville
20:06:48 <maestro>we don't really keep 'business hours' around here .. if we're here, then we're here
20:06:53 <maestro>otherwise we're not here
20:06:54 <maestro>lol
20:07:05 <maestro>most of our time is focused in the afternoons and late evening
20:07:11 <renee183>ok
20:07:15 <Salme>What does lol mean?
20:07:17 <Michelle>that's why Blueverie and I didnt have lunch until an hour ago
20:07:22 <maestro>laugh out loud
20:07:24 <McTed>laugh out load
20:07:28 <nell>what is a yurt?
20:07:28 <trumpet>A Yurt is a portable felt dwelling structure used traditionally by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.See pix here: http://www.yurts.com/
20:07:38 <maestro>most booksellers keep that time, too, so we thought it appropriate
20:07:52 <renee183>am I the only one who also has a mortor bookstore also
20:08:03 <maestro>renee183: not likely
20:08:05 *cybercity has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:08:10 <Blueverie>renee183: many of our users do .. don't know about here
20:08:21 <ecbooks>I have a physical store in Florida
20:08:34 *Cybercity (~guest@adsl-75-4-96-24.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #newusers
20:08:36 <maestro>AOB is in a broad sense an "online inventory management" system
20:08:41 *sky (~guest@pool-71-116-137-238.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #newusers
20:09:01 <maestro>you upload/list/edit your inventory here and we make sure all your active venues have the same items we do
20:09:05 <renee183>great question
20:09:11 *Bruce (~dotties_a@ has joined #newusers
20:09:11 <maestro>then we get your orders from these venues and alter your inventory accordingly
20:09:36 <maestro>we also support repricing, inventory manipulation, stats tracking, rudimentary scouting tools, etc
20:09:41 <lisa>can we sign up with aob now?
20:10:06 <maestro>but the core of the operations involves making sure that your inventory "out there" matches what we have "in here"
20:10:18 <renee183>scouting tools?
20:10:32 <maestro>Michelle is going to be going through the list private messaging you to get you signed up
20:10:41 <McTed>ok
20:10:48 <Blueverie>renee183: Road Tools .. it's a price look up program you can access w/your cell phone
20:10:51 <ixmipat>So I can put all my books on more than one venue without having double sales??
20:11:05 <Cybercity>How quickly do other venues get updated after a sale on a particular venue?
20:11:06 *Les (~test@adsl-69-153-202-250.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) has joined #newusers
20:11:09 <Blueverie>ixmipat: yes .. when you sell on one venue .. we delete it from the other venues
20:11:12 <Michelle>Les, there you go
20:11:18 <maestro>from the time you sign up, you'll take until Monday to familiarize yourself with the system and work out any kinks you might have with your operations
20:11:26 <maestro>we're regather on Monday to discuss any problems you might have had
20:11:35 <renee183>can I have access the price look up program on the computer if I do not want to use my cell phone
20:11:42 *elaine (~guest@ has joined #newusers
20:11:43 <elaine>I was in the wrong chat room.  Sorry I'm late.
20:11:54 <maestro>'s ok, elaine
20:11:57 <Pat>There's always bookfinder.com
20:12:02 <Blueverie>Cybercity: it depends on the venue .. from the time we get the order .. to the time we send the update is about 20 mins
20:12:03 <sky>I'm on a Mac, Will there be any issues that I should consider?
20:12:15 <Blueverie>renee183: sure .. just punch the roadtools URL into your browser
20:12:32 <Blueverie>sky: nope .. I'm on a Mac and I'm staff
20:12:39 <maestro>until the Monday session, we'll not be responding to tickets that you submit in the hopes that you'll take this time to become familiar with the system as a whole and begin to digest the enormity of what's going on
20:13:04 <ixmipat>what does 'not responding to tickets' mean?
20:13:05 <maestro>we and other users will be available in the main chat to answer any questions you might have
20:13:05 <McTed>is there an online manual?
20:13:09 <renee183>how do you punch the roadtools into your browser
20:13:20 <maestro>one thing at a time folks .. just stay with me
20:13:58 *elaine has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:14:01 <maestro>there are 3 main ways to reach us here
20:14:07 <maestro>The primary format is the chat
20:14:11 <maestro>which you're familiar with
20:14:22 <maestro>the 2nd is the "Support Tickets"
20:14:24 <ixmipat>always at newusers?
20:14:28 <renee183>hey I need to go , I wll play around with my account can I just get back with everyone on monday
20:14:33 <maestro>ixmipat: no, you can use the main chat if you like
20:14:39 *guest (~guest@ has joined #newusers
20:14:40 <maestro>renee183: k
20:14:45 *guest has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:15:07 <maestro>The support tickets are located at the top of the screen right above the live chat link
20:15:10 *elaine (~guest@ has joined #newusers
20:15:21 <maestro>these are generally for more complex problems that you might have that need ongoing dialog
20:15:28 <maestro>or if you can't locate anyone immediately
20:15:44 <maestro>Michelle, Eric, Samantha and Carla respond to the tickets as time and content allow
20:15:49 <maestro>typically within 24 hours
20:16:08 <maestro>if it's something more complex, it might be some time more until I can look into it personally
20:16:22 <maestro>the 3rd avenue for support (and the slowest) is the email
20:16:43 <maestro>we don't encourage emails as we focus more on the tickets and chat and the emails are the last to get looked at
20:17:04 <maestro>at any rate, the emails are down until probably later tomorrow
20:17:14 <renee183>night all
20:17:17 *renee183 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:17:19 <maestro>renee183: nite
20:17:26 <Cybercity>Is this Q&A time?
20:17:40 <maestro>while Michelle's getting everyone signed up, are there any initial questions? We'll go over some of the site when you all have accounts
20:17:44 <maestro>Cybercity: shoot
20:17:58 <Cybercity>My primary goal is to get all my Amazon listing on to me Ebay store. Can this be accomplsihed in a one time bulk transaction?
20:18:32 <Lylah>How well are other forms of media, other than books, supported by AOB?
20:18:40 <maestro>Cybercity: are you planning to just list them all on ebay, then use us to list more and process your orders from there? What about your Amazon account? Will we be doing that as well?
20:18:53 <maestro>Lylah: if it's got an ASIN/ISBN/UPC it works fine
20:19:00 <maestro>Lylah: we have many CD/DVD only sellers
20:19:02 <Lylah>Cool, Thanks
20:19:11 <Cybercity>I want to keep listing on both
20:19:20 <Soconik31>Can individual listings be turned on/off for a venue of an initiate upload
20:19:26 <maestro>Cybercity: listing your items and processing orders on Amazon seperately?
20:19:30 <drjames>my burning question is whether we have to go to each venue and set up a separate accoount/logon before we can use AOB
20:19:33 <maestro>Soconik31: yes
20:19:38 <maestro>drjames: yes
20:19:47 <maestro>trumpet: tell Soconik31 about list flags
20:19:51 <McTed>What about merging seperate inventory on HDC & Amazon and cross listing?
20:20:12 <Lylah>Do I need a Pro-merchant account on AZ to use AOB?
20:20:13 <maestro>Soconik31: look at that message from trumpet .. you can use that field in an upload file (tab-delimited)
20:20:16 <maestro>Lylah: yes
20:20:18 <Cybercity>No, I just want to get everything I have on amazon on to Ebay and continue to process on both venues using AOB
20:20:29 <maestro>Cybercity: oh, then yes
20:20:35 <maestro>Cybercity: I would encourage you to do AZ first
20:20:37 <Lylah>k
20:20:45 <maestro>and get familiar with the process before tackling ebay
20:20:47 <maestro>ebay's a pain
20:20:48 <maestro>lol
20:21:02 <Bruce>yup
20:21:03 <vishali>ebay's an expensive pain
20:21:08 <maestro>vishali: that, too
20:21:19 <maestro>you can dork it up and waste $100s easy
20:21:26 <Lylah>I had canceled my PM account because of slow sale, will have to sign up again is all
20:21:30 <elaine>When I upload my files to ABEbooks, will they automatically also go on Amazon?  I know they go on a bunch of sites, but I didn't understand if I had to pay an extra fee or sign up at Amazon, tool
20:21:32 <Shelly>Question:  Would you recommend bringing one site up at a time or transferring everything at once?
20:21:38 <Wenrose>MY question qould be, can we create SKU"S on AOB since we can't do it on Amamzon?
20:21:41 <maestro>Shelly: one at a time, definitely
20:21:46 <maestro>Wenrose: yes
20:21:58 <maestro>Wenrose: you can do your own or use the auto-SKUs (Inventory Settings)
20:22:00 <Shelly>One a day?
20:22:05 <Cybercity>That sounds good. I would like to continue to use my Mailextractor to process and print my shipments via Dazzle. Can I use AOB just to list and maintain my inventory on multiple venues?
20:22:09 <maestro>Shelly: I'd do one every 4-6 days
20:22:27 <Blueverie>Cybercity: yes
20:22:27 <maestro>Cybercity: yes .. one of our larger sellers did just that until very recently
20:22:50 <maestro>Cybercity: once you get ebay going, you'll have a mess in your ship list, though
20:22:56 <elaine>Dazzle's question and mine sound similar.
20:23:05 <Cybercity>What did he just swtich to?
20:23:11 <Lylah>what makes selling on ebay with aob harder than selling on ebay alone?
20:23:13 <maestro>Cybercity: using us for shipping
20:23:24 <Cybercity>Ah
20:23:36 <maestro>Lylah: I didn't say it was harder than doing it on your own ..just harder than the other venues
20:23:36 <Shelly>We are currently on 7 sites....does this mean we are not converted for 2 months??
20:23:41 <Soconik31>Already have 1000+ items on eBay - what's the best solution?
20:23:45 <maestro>Shelly: that's up to you
20:23:52 <maestro>Shelly: you CAN do them all at once
20:24:01 <maestro>Shelly: have some gin on hand if you do, though, lol
20:24:19 <Shelly>Why is this an issue?
20:24:22 <maestro>Shelly: you'll just have a lot going on at once
20:24:33 <Bruce>have fun maestro
20:24:35 <maestro>if there's an issue with anything, it's multiplied by 7 venues if you do them all at once
20:24:57 <maestro>Michelle: how's that list going?
20:25:01 <Shelly>We already have a lot on our hands...what would be the diff??
20:25:02 *Bruce has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:25:06 <Michelle>maestro, still working on it
20:25:25 <maestro>Shelly: well, you'll have 7 venues purging and replacing all at once and all of AOB to tackle all at once
20:25:26 <Cybercity>Do you suggest we just list a few items to see how AOB works before any mass updates?
20:25:43 <Pat>Shelly: You wouldn't have enough hands for drinking gin.
20:25:48 <maestro>Cybercity: no .. you'll wipe your inventory at the active venues that way
20:25:59 <Shelly>You do not have a problem with one a day if we are OK with that??
20:26:11 <maestro>Shelly: not at all .. you can hit them all at one time if you like
20:26:19 <Shelly>Had the drink BEFORE joining your party tonight!!
20:26:26 <Lylah>to upload our inventory, do we just have to dl our open listing list from AZ and then upload it here?
20:26:26 <maestro>Shelly: nice .. whatcha drinking?
20:26:30 <Pat>Woo-hoo
20:26:35 <maestro>Lylah: right
20:26:42 <Shelly>Long Island Tea....one before and rest AFTER this!!
20:26:44 <ixmipat>dl?
20:26:48 <maestro>Lylah: you MUST have SKUs of everything, though
20:26:56 <maestro>Shelly: I'm a dirty martini kinda guy
20:26:59 <maestro>ixmipat: download
20:27:03 <elaine>What's an SKU?
20:27:03 <trumpet>SKU - Stock Keeping Unit, A SKU is an identifier that is used by merchants to permit the systematic tracking of products offered to customers.
20:27:04 <Cybercity>Then how would we migrate to all venues if we are still figuring out how to do it correctly?
20:27:27 <maestro>Cybercity: gently, lol
20:27:30 <Shelly>Can you just set our SKU to begin with were we have left off with our old system??
20:27:35 <Lylah>ak!
20:27:40 <Lylah>never used them
20:27:46 <maestro>bear in mind .. firing up these venues is kinda like changing a fan belt with the motor running
20:27:58 <Pat>Youch.
20:27:59 <maestro>I don't mean to make it sound scary
20:28:04 <maestro>just be patient with it
20:28:05 <McTed>fingers opitional?
20:28:06 <Pat>Too late Smiley
20:28:09 <maestro>lol
20:28:12 <maestro>it's not that bad
20:28:18 <ixmipat>is this really doable for the computer challenged?
20:28:21 <maestro>I've never seen an inventory problem I can't fix
20:28:26 <Pat>I'm going to go one venue at a time.
20:28:29 <maestro>as long as you have a backup of your initial inventory
20:28:38 <maestro>ixmipat: doable, yes
20:28:50 <maestro>ixmipat: you'll have a tougher time at it, but it's quite doable
20:28:58 <ixmipat>Thanks
20:29:03 <sky> So if I'm on amazon and alibris, i would upload amazon then alibris inventory after a few weeks to aob?
20:29:05 <Salme>I'm facing a crisis with my amazon collectibles.   Should I try to clean them up in excel first or wait till they are in AOB?
20:29:12 <maestro>ixmipat: we have MANY MANY users who are similarly 'computer challenged'
20:29:22 <maestro>Salme: probably easier here
20:29:28 <Cybercity>So, once I decide to load all my Amazon items to Ebay and something does not jive right on the Ebay listings, what can I do to fix it?
20:29:43 <maestro>I can work database magic if I'm around .. and if not, we can coordinate what you need done in the tickets
20:29:54 <maestro>Cybercity: depends on the problem
20:30:05 <maestro>Cybercity: get with us in the chat or tickets to track down the problem
20:30:13 <maestro>I assure you, we've seen it all
20:30:16 <Pat>Can we set shipping terms on Ebay through AOB?
20:30:21 <maestro>Pat: yes
20:30:25 <Lylah>is there someplace on your site where it tells how to set up a system for those numbers?
20:30:27 <Pat>Cool
20:30:29 <maestro>ebay is configurable to a fault
20:30:44 <maestro>That's Blueverie's area of expertise
20:30:48 <Soconik31>My current ebay listings will double - correct?
20:30:53 <Pat>And you mean to a fault. Wink
20:31:10 <Michelle>Pat, Salme, Sky and Wenrose.  I need you guys to check for a private message from me Smiley
20:31:19 <maestro>we do provide general support for ebay custom configs for free, but if it gets too crazy we do ask you float Blueverie some $$ for the extra time
20:31:33 <Salme>Michelle: How?
20:31:36 <McTed>What would be the best venue to bring in first? Half.com or Amazon?
20:31:43 <maestro>McTed: AZ
20:31:45 <Cybercity>So what would be the first thing I want to do if I want to load all my Amazon listings to my Ebay store? Setup the Ebay venue on AOB and let it rip?
20:31:47 <Michelle>Salme, let m try again
20:31:57 <maestro>Cybercity: honestly? I would do AZ first
20:32:06 <maestro>Cybercity: get it stable and truckin', then tackle ebay
20:32:14 <McTed>Maestro Ok
20:32:18 <nell>I'm still confused about my pricing  and updating prices on already listed items at Alibris, do I change that thru AOB on or Alibris
20:32:19 <Michelle>Salme, I tried to send you another did you get it?
20:32:20 <maestro>Salme: it should be a separate window from the chat
20:32:44 <Wenrose>May I ask a fast question in case my power goes out. Can I down load from my amazon inventory to AOB, and Michelle, It's Wendy, like the good witch.
20:32:54 <maestro>Wenrose: yes
20:33:00 <Salme>No, it was here earlier. I replied and the window went away.
20:33:09 <maestro>Wenrose: if you get disconnected, check out the new users' guide in the help
20:33:19 <Cybercity>I already have listings on AZ. Is it just a matter of importing my inventory to AOB and begin setting up new listings to get use to the process?
20:33:51 <maestro>Cybercity: well, but to do this properly, we'll need all your AZ listings here .. the whole point of AOB is to make your venues see ALL of what we see
20:34:01 <Soconik31>When I get an order from a venue not set up - do I go in and hand delete on AOB
20:34:07 <maestro>Soconik31: exactly
20:34:25 <Cybercity>Is there a procedure to get then here?
20:34:26 <Lylah>salme dont click the red x, just push enter
20:34:43 <maestro>Cybercity: yes .. we'll go over that when we get everyone signed up
20:34:52 <Cybercity>Got it
20:34:55 <elaine>What do you mean "set up"?  I feel as if you guys are nine years ahead of me.
20:34:59 *susan153 has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:35:00 <Michelle>Salme, I just sent you another did you get it?
20:35:13 <maestro>elaine: patience .. I'm going to walk through all the initial setup in a bit
20:35:19 <Salme>Lylah, I think I did push enter.
20:35:21 <maestro>elaine: after we get all the accounts setup
20:35:24 <elaine>OK, thanks SO MUCH.  
20:35:28 <Salme>Michelle, No.
20:36:22 <Soconik31>Read something about FTP for Alibris & Bibio - is that a quick process?
20:36:32 <maestro>Soconik31: sometimes .. usually, actually
20:36:40 <maestro>Soconik31: you can expect about 2-3 days
20:37:15 <Michelle>Salme, hummm.
20:37:16 <maestro>any other burning "gotta knows"?
20:37:28 <Soconik31>Editing eBay titles?
20:37:29 <Shelly>Should we begin to get all the sites notified that AOB is coming?
20:37:30 <Michelle>Salme, ok, no spaces in your name would an _ be alright in it's place?
20:37:37 <maestro>Shelly: probably
20:37:57 <Salme>Michelle; Sure.
20:37:58 <maestro>Soconik31: some users actually use separate inventory fields for ebay titles
20:38:12 <maestro>Soconik31: there are some 'snippets' in the help to add authors and such to ebay titles
20:38:16 <Lylah>is there anything on your site to help figure out a sku system? i have never set myself up for that... also, when you auto assign skus, is it according to a system i make up, or a ramdom number?
20:38:20 *serendipi (~guest@ip70-187-55-165.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #newusers
20:38:39 <maestro>Lylah: there are a few different systems on the Inventory Settings page
20:38:46 <Lylah>k
20:39:02 <maestro>Lylah: for those that haven't a clue about SKUs, I would suggest the 6 or 7 digit sequential SKUs
20:39:03 <Jon>what about the scouting tools you referred to earlier
20:39:08 <Lylah>i will then look it up after this is done:-)
20:39:09 <maestro>Jon: the RoadTools
20:39:09 <trumpet>somebody said the roadtools was case sensitive
20:39:15 <Salme>maestro: Do you have a quick overview of the different sites?
20:39:22 <maestro>Jon: check out the Tools page for that
20:39:26 <Jon>ok
20:39:37 <maestro>Jon: very simple, not much info but the lowest AZ price and sales rank
20:39:48 <maestro>Jon: handy, but if you want hard-core scouting tools, check out ScoutPal
20:39:51 <Michelle>Salme, ok, use the name you gave me with a _ and the password is 1234  to change it when you log in go to setting >Personal settings
20:39:52 *nell885 (~nell@ama-bb-166-208.arn.net) has joined #newusers
20:39:55 <maestro>Jon: that's what Michelle uses
20:40:03 <Jon>thanks
20:40:03 *nell has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
20:40:05 <Soconik31>Saw eBay template that looked pretty somewhere but couldn't find it again - any idea where in your site?
20:40:14 <Michelle>Wendy, did you get my message?"
20:40:19 <maestro>Soconik31: probably in the forums
20:40:59 *jistroh (~guest@c-67-187-239-148.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:41:00 <Soconik31>So can I add a template and it will auto fill?
20:41:04 <Salme>Michhele: Okay.
20:41:07 <Michelle>jistroh, you made it
20:41:07 <maestro>Soconik31: that's right
20:41:17 <sky>Once I've signed up with aob, will my seller name on amazon stay the same? or on my alibris site?
20:41:18 *book_shop (~guest@ has joined #newusers
20:41:18 <Wenrose>Michelle , iot it and i thouht I answered it , but now I'm begginning to see the mistake I made when answering
20:41:33 <Michelle>that's alright I'll send it again
20:41:38 <Lylah>cool, what about pictures? (in reference to the template q?)
20:41:50 <maestro>Lylah: you'll need to host your pics on your own host
20:41:57 <maestro>Lylah: we don't host the images
20:42:01 <Michelle>Wendy. did you get it?
20:42:02 <maestro>Lylah: just the URL
20:42:02 *drjames has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:42:09 <Soconik31>but what about eBays pre-fill pics?
20:42:14 <jistroh>Yes, thank you!  What have I missed?
20:42:19 <Lylah>yes, i was jsut asking whether the template will auto fill the urls...
20:42:33 <Lylah>or if i have to manually insert them into the html
20:42:36 <maestro>Lylah: it can, yes
20:42:46 <maestro>Lylah: for each item, right?
20:42:51 <serendipi>Hi, I am just going to watch right now.
20:42:57 <Lylah>i will have to look at  that too! lol
20:43:02 <maestro>there's a lit on replacement codes in the template creation tool under the ebay config
20:43:10 <maestro>serendipi: watch away
20:43:14 <maestro>list*
20:43:17 <Lylah>yes, i sometimes, actually often have more than one pic
20:43:36 <maestro>Lylah: you might could use the 'private fields' for some of that
20:43:44 <maestro>Lylah: we can get to that another time, but it can be done
20:43:59 <Lylah>k.
20:44:12 <Pat>How do we create a file for upload? Thru Amazon web services, or thru AOB
20:44:21 <maestro>Pat: you can download that from Amazon
20:44:24 *medievalb (~test@68-118-227-220.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com) has joined #newusers
20:44:31 <Pat>Ok.
20:44:44 <Pat>Turn it into an Excel spreadsheet?
20:44:44 <medievalb>oh my..alot on Smiley
20:44:51 <maestro>Pat: tab-delimited
20:44:51 <trumpet>i heard tab-delimited was my friend Smiley
20:44:54 <Lylah>hehe i am in north pole alaska, mosquitos are are state bird Smiley
20:44:54 <Shelly>Do we send you a "test" file first or just send up the whole file when ready?
20:45:00 <maestro>medievalb: yeah .. popular group
20:45:04 <Pat>Tab delimited THX
20:45:11 <Salme>When we get orders from AOB, what do they look like?
20:45:12 <maestro>Shelly: that's up to you, just don't activate with a 'test' inventory in here
20:45:25 <maestro>Salme: they're in your ship list
20:45:36 <Cybercity>I use imageshack.com to host pics. Its free.
20:45:54 <Jon>there are a million imagehosting sites
20:45:58 <Soconik31>Is bulk postage printing available? I do subscribe to Endicia
20:46:00 <medievalb>how do I register for AOB
20:46:12 <maestro>medievalb: we started about 45 minutes ago
20:46:15 <McTed>Also Endicia user
20:46:24 <Shelly>Also Endicia user
20:46:28 <maestro>medievalb: we'll be posting the log for this meeting on the forum
20:46:29 <ixmipat>Endicia here too
20:46:55 <Cybercity>I use Endicia with Mailextractor
20:46:56 <Lylah>brb have to move puter
20:47:09 <maestro>medievalb: Michelle will be private messaging you in a bit to get your account set up
20:47:26 <maestro>medievalb: after that, stick around for the tour and come back on Monday evening for the follow-up
20:48:36 <maestro>.. waiting for Michelle to finish up ..
20:48:40 <Soconik31>Maestro: Can we do bulk postage printing from AOB or do they need to be done individually?
20:48:40 <Lylah>back
20:48:43 <maestro>go baby, go! lol
20:48:54 <maestro>Soconik31: we interface with endicia.com for that
20:48:56 <book_shop>So you'll know, a nice young man named Gregory who owns a bookstore in Spokane visited our store here in Iowa City, and he is an enormous fan of The Art Of Books.
20:49:00 <Pat>Can we take a tab delimited file from AZN and put it up on Alibris? Or should we take the inventory list from AZN, put it on AOB, and then use that to list everything on Alibris? We have nothing on Alibris at this time, but have an account open.
20:49:06 <maestro>book_shop: nice!
20:49:29 <maestro>Pat: right .. get us everything you want listed to Alibris and if you activate Alibris here, we put it on there for you
20:49:44 <maestro>book_shop: tell him thank you
20:49:50 <McTed>meastro: After I download AZ inventory, add SKU's with excel then upload to aob?
20:49:52 <book_shop>Will do.
20:50:11 <maestro>McTed: right .. be careful with Excel .. it likes to 'morph' ISBNS
20:50:13 <Pat>So, put it up on AOB, then it goes to Alibris?
20:50:20 <Salme>Maestro: Going back to cleaning up the collectibles.  I'll send you my AZ inventory.  Then clean it up in AOB.  Then when I'm ready you you purge and replace on AZ?  What about interim sales?
20:50:27 <maestro>McTed: just make sure it doesn't drop the leading '0's or make scientific notation out of them
20:50:32 <ixmipat>I need Excel for this?
20:50:50 <maestro>Salme: interim sales are a problem you'll just have to deal with .. just delete them here  as they sell
20:50:56 <maestro>ixmipat: don't need .. but it's handy
20:51:09 <maestro>ixmipat: you can do without it
20:51:19 <McTed>meastro: will do
20:51:47 <Salme>Can I send a closed report to delete?
20:51:52 <Michelle>Ok, I think I got everyone.
20:51:56 <maestro>sweet
20:51:58 <Michelle>Did anyone not get a PM from me?
20:52:08 <maestro>alright .. everyone logged into their accounts?
20:52:26 <Lylah>nope give me a minute been readiing the chat lol
20:52:28 <McTed>I'm in
20:52:30 <vishali>how do we log in without losing this chat?
20:52:31 <maestro>Lylah: k
20:52:31 <Pat>ready!
20:52:37 <ixmipat>k
20:52:39 <maestro>vishali: open a new browser window
20:52:41 <McTed>new window
20:52:44 <Salme>Where do we log in?
20:52:48 <vishali>ok, thanks
20:52:50 <maestro>Salme: at the top where it says login
20:52:51 <Lylah>k
20:53:06 <Les>I'm in
20:53:10 *Wenrose has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:53:16 <jistroh>I'm logged in!
20:53:23 <maestro>uh oh .. I bet Wenrose didn't open a new window, lol
20:53:31 <McTed>lol
20:53:34 <maestro>alright .. we'll start at the beginning
20:53:41 <maestro>click on Settings at the top
20:53:42 <elaine>Yeah!
20:53:54 <McTed>I have another 'puter up in case of trouble
20:54:03 <maestro>if it has to do with how things happen, it's under Settings
20:54:03 <Shelly>Same here
20:54:08 <Salme>I don't see a place to log in.  is it on this page?
20:54:20 <maestro>Salme: open a new browser window, then go to AOB
20:54:22 *vishali74 (~vishali@c-24-20-55-40.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:54:25 <maestro>Salme: should be at the top left
20:54:27 <serendipi>I'm in
20:55:04 <maestro>under Settings, Personal Settings is where you put in your contact info and such
20:55:19 *Salme has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:55:19 <maestro>don't click Multi-User unless you know what you're doing
20:55:23 <Pat>The toys...wonderful toys!
20:55:27 *wenrose22 (~wenrose22@c-69-141-96-59.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:55:35 <maestro>wb, wenrose22
20:55:45 <maestro>Venue Settings is where you'll setup how we interact with your venues
20:55:48 <Jon>dont get too excited :_)
20:55:57 <maestro>mostly just for username/passwords
20:55:59 <wenrose22>I found YOU!!!!
20:56:08 <maestro>NOTE: the BIG RED box at the top of the venue settings
20:56:56 <maestro>Inventory Settings is next .. if it has to do with how your inventory list behaves, it's in here .. auto-SKUs are in there, too
20:57:03 <elaine>How do I view both pages concurrently, instead of having to switch back and forth?
20:57:17 *sperry_bo (~sperry_bo@c-24-61-196-210.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) has joined #newusers
20:57:18 <maestro>elaine: well, you don't really
20:57:31 >ChanServ<OP #newusers Rodger
20:57:33 *vishali74 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
20:57:33 <McTed>two monitors
20:57:40 >ChanServ<OP #newusers maestro
20:57:40 *ChanServ gives channel operator status to maestro
20:57:42 <maestro>elaine: I suppose you could resize the windows to be both on the same screen
20:57:47 <jistroh>I typed in my P
20:58:06 <jistroh>I typed in my PW and it won't take it . . . what am I doing wrong?
20:58:08 <elaine>That's what I mean.  How do I resize?
20:58:23 <maestro>elaine: depends on your OS .. the same you always resize windows
20:58:27 <ixmipat>Hot dog, can we sell on Amazon.ca .uk etc?
20:58:38 <maestro>ixmipat: yup .. if you have a bank account in those countries
20:58:47 <ixmipat>bummer
20:58:56 <maestro>The next one is the Single List Page Settings
20:59:05 <maestro>you can REALLY confuse yourself on this page, but it's VERY powerful
20:59:21 <maestro>the single list page (or SLP as we sometimes call it) has a LOT of functionality
20:59:32 <maestro>some people use different functions than others
20:59:42 <maestro>with this page, you can customize your SLP to how you want to list your items
20:59:58 <maestro>I would stick with the defaults until you get used to things
21:00:21 <Shelly>On the Zshop category that you populate via our upload file....will the NAME and NUMBER be visible?
21:00:42 <maestro>Shelly: browse path is the name, category is the number
21:00:51 <Shelly>k
21:00:59 <maestro>next is the Shipping Settings .. This is where you'll setup your order confirmation emails, packing slips, and setup how your pull list looks
21:01:17 <maestro>the final settings page is the RoadTools settings ...
21:01:35 <elaine>On the venue settings page -- do we have to sign up and pay the monthly fee for each of those other booksellers?  For example, I am only with alibris.  Do I still pay them the $9.95 per month as well as your fee?
21:01:51 <maestro>each phone is different .. there's some help on this to explain it in more detail, but essentially, you'll be configuring how our system interprets your particular phone
21:02:02 <maestro>elaine: if you sell there, yes
21:02:36 <maestro>Most of you are probably itching to just get your inventory here, right?
21:02:43 <maestro>Click on Inventory at the top of the page
21:02:46 <McTed>yes
21:02:54 <elaine>So the big advantage to this service is that I don't have to list each inventory and take them off separately?
21:02:55 <medievalb>if i put all my listings here, can it also go to my website when I get it up and running?
21:02:58 <maestro>first option is Upload an Inventory File
21:03:08 <maestro>elaine: right
21:03:18 <maestro>medievalb: depends
21:03:22 <maestro>medievalb: we can do Chrislands
21:03:36 <maestro>under Upload an Inventory File, you can send us your inventory file
21:03:56 <maestro>We support Tab-Delimited (what most of you will use)
21:03:56 <medievalb>what are the hosts you can do it for?
21:04:17 <wenrose22>What have I gotten myselg into? ;-o
21:04:19 <maestro>HomeBase Native files, BookHound files, half.com snapshots and UIEE files
21:04:26 <maestro>wenrose22: a lot of fun
21:04:30 <Cybercity>How about an AZ inventory report?
21:04:38 <maestro>Cybercity: that's a tab-delimited file
21:04:44 <ixmipat>glub, glub, drowning here...
21:04:45 <elaine>Are you guys speaking Enlish?  lol
21:04:54 <maestro>ixmipat: no drowning allowed  Wink
21:05:06 <Michelle>elaine, it's ancient hebrew dutch LOL
21:05:06 <ixmipat>is there a smiley for drowning?
21:05:07 <McTed>1337
21:05:08 <maestro>there's a section in the help on how to do download a file from Amazon to send to us .. here's generally how it works
21:05:24 <Pat>[TOSSES life preserver]
21:05:27 <maestro>1) download your inventory file from Amazon
21:05:27 <Cybercity>How long after sending inventory will it be available?
21:05:44 <maestro>2) Upload that file to us via the Upload your Inventory page
21:06:00 <maestro>3) wait for your inventory to FULLY populate here
21:06:07 <maestro>4) look it over to make sure it's correct
21:06:16 <maestro>5) activate any venues you sell on from the venue settings page
21:06:26 <Soconik31>If I don't active my New file for eBay, but add new listings on the single listing page - can I put those new listings only on eBay?
21:06:26 <maestro>that's about it to get going
21:06:29 <ixmipat>any venues or all venues?
21:06:45 <maestro>Soconik31: it doesn't work that way
21:06:49 <maestro>ixmipat: yes
21:06:57 <Cybercity>Just start with AZ for now?
21:06:59 <maestro>Soconik31: we don't work on a 'file' basis
21:07:06 <maestro>Soconik31: it's based on what we have in inventory
21:07:29 <maestro>Soconik31: you can't say "I want this file to go only to ebay, or this file to go only to Amazon" without using some list flag tricks
21:07:46 <medievalb>do you have a place on the site that can give directions? Need to find out more info ..and need to show my Cuz who understands what you all are talking about and get him to translate it Smiley
21:07:56 <serendipi>My listings on AZ are only on Marketplace right now. I haven't even figured out if I can download my inventory.
21:07:57 <ixmipat>Maestro: Yes - sounds like what I tell my kids in answer to an 'or' question. Is it any OR all?
21:07:57 <Soconik31>hmmm, I'm a little confused but maybe I'll get an idea before Monday
21:07:58 <maestro>medievalb: did you look at the Help?
21:08:08 <McTed>what about unsupported isbn's on half.com?
21:08:13 <maestro>ixmipat: right .. any or all .. in any order you like
21:08:23 <maestro>McTed: half will just kick them out as an error
21:08:30 <McTed>ok, got it
21:08:52 <medievalb>didn't have time..saw there was a meeting now and checked in here
21:09:16 <ixmipat>What happens after we 'activate venues'?
21:09:17 <wenrose22>Oh, no. I undertand this part!
21:09:29 <maestro>medievalb: ah, well, take all the time you need .. we'll be meeting again on Monday for the follow-up
21:09:35 <Cybercity>Once we upload the inventory, we can begin listing new items using AOB?
21:09:41 <maestro>Cybercity: right
21:09:49 <maestro>ixmipat: what happens after or how do you do that?
21:10:06 <Pat>Is it easier/faster to list thru AOB rather than AZN?
21:10:08 <serendipi>So, will I be able to upload inventory from just AZ marketplace listings?
21:10:11 <maestro>Pat: yes
21:10:21 <Pat>Score
21:10:34 <maestro>serendipi: you mean ONLY marketplace leaving out the zShop?
21:10:40 <Les>I'm not currently subscribed to any venues.  Do I do that here?
21:10:52 <maestro>Les: no, you'll need to do that on the venue(s)
21:10:56 <ixmipat>step 5) about activating venues. Then what happens to our stuff, does it show up everywhere we've activated?
21:10:58 <Les>k
21:11:04 <maestro>to answer ixmipat's question .....
21:11:06 <serendipi>Hmm, yes, only marketplace, I don't pay a monthly fee.
21:11:23 <maestro>in the background, AOB is several programs running constantly on all users' inventories
21:11:30 <maestro>fetching orders, uploading changes, etc
21:11:41 <maestro>serendipi: you don't have a PM account at AZ?
21:11:56 <maestro>when you activate a venue, then your account is added into the mix of those that these programs manage
21:11:57 <elaine>What is a PM account?
21:12:02 <maestro>ProMerchangt
21:12:04 <jistroh>Do you need a PM acct. on Az?
21:12:07 <maestro>yes
21:12:10 <serendipi>No pro merchant
21:12:15 <maestro>serendipi: Sad need one
21:12:28 <Cybercity>So, I upload and begin with just AZ for now. After i feel comfortable with listing on AZ and I want to begin usiing Ebay, I activate Ebay and its loads it up. After all settings are checked, of course. Is there any trial an error to make sure it lists correctly that way you intended on Ebay?
21:12:29 <McTed>I went Pro this week Smiley
21:12:37 <medievalb>if I have an item on Ebay and it sells, would your program take it out of my inventory so that it wouldn't show on my website or amazon accout?
21:12:46 <maestro>when it's 'your turn' on the upload or order pull cycle, then if a venue is active, it uploads any changes to that venue and fetches any new orders
21:12:52 <maestro>(not necessarily at the same time)
21:12:53 <serendipi>Well, I haven't sold enough on az to merit one yet. Sell more on hdc,
21:12:58 <maestro>medievalb: right
21:13:14 <vishali>hdc?
21:13:14 <trumpet>half.com
21:13:23 <maestro>Cybercity: there's the ebay test link on the full inventory list
21:13:32 <maestro>Cybercity: you can see that when you get some inventory up here
21:13:37 <Jon>i can list a book fairly quickly on AZ, how is AOB faster?
21:13:43 <Cybercity>Great. I like it!
21:13:46 <jistroh>I have books listed on HDC . . . how is that going to work?
21:13:47 <Pat>Wow, there's just so much cool stuff here...love it. A lot of entrepreneurial love went into this!
21:13:48 <maestro>Jon: it's one page instead of 4
21:13:52 <medievalb>is there a program that I am supposed to be in in EBay in order to do AOB?
21:13:58 <maestro>jistroh: you can upload those here if you like
21:13:59 <Jon>sounds good
21:14:09 <maestro>Pat: definitely
21:14:13 <maestro>Pat: this is my baby
21:14:20 <Pat>ROCK ON
21:14:30 <elaine>Good job, maestro.
21:14:43 <maestro>Pat: treat her nice and she'll make you some $$ .. be impatient and don't respect it and she'll screw you before you can change anything
21:14:46 <maestro>Smiley
21:14:50 <Jon>now time to make our babies bigger
21:14:57 <jistroh>Okay, I only have about 300 books on HDC, about 1800 on AZ, do I take those off of HDC and just have you list my books on HDC?
21:15:12 <maestro>jistroh: are the 300 on HDC also on AZ?
21:15:44 <Pat>What happens to items "suppressed" by AZN? Dropped automatically?
21:15:49 <wenrose22>I had a bad inventory managmant system and it messed up just my Amazozon pro merch.  This already sounds much better in many ways.
21:15:50 <jistroh>No, 300 select books that are also listed on AZ, but 1800 books on AZ.
21:15:53 <maestro>Pat: right
21:16:38 <maestro>jistroh: I would MAKE SURE that we have the UPC/ISBN (not ASIN) for those 300 items from the AZ upload, then remove those 300 from half and activate using the 1800 from AZ
21:16:38 <Lylah>well, i need to go now and fix dinner
21:16:42 <jistroh>Oops, confused myself, most are already listed on AZ.
21:16:46 <maestro>Lylah: nite .. we're 'bout done anyway
21:16:47 <Lylah>thank you very much
21:16:59 <Lylah>night
21:16:59 <trumpet>i guess night is young out there, I guess...
21:17:06 <maestro>wenrose22: which did you use before?
21:17:10 <maestro>I gotta ask, lol
21:17:14 <Lylah>little after 5
21:17:16 <medievalb>I do EBay, is there a program that I am supposed to do as well in order to do aob ?
21:17:24 <McTed>how about dding new items to AZ catalog?
21:17:24 *Lylah has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:17:34 <maestro>medievalb: gotta have a store
21:17:37 <McTed>adding
21:17:41 <medievalb>have a store
21:17:48 <sky>where can I re-read this, i have to leave for now. thank you, sky
21:17:51 <maestro>medievalb: you should be fine, then
21:17:59 <sperry_bo>I have 400+ books on Alibris.  Many are the same titles as on AZ, but at differnet prices and amounts.  Others can't be listed on AZ.  How will they mesh?

21:18:01 <maestro>sky: I'm gonna post a cleaned-up version to the forum
21:18:03 <wenrose22>All I will call him is the guacamole man Smiley
21:18:25 <maestro>sperry_bo: you'll just have to merge them in here .. we do have venue specific price fields you can use
21:18:39 <medievalb>I don't have to delete the listings on EBay  when I transfer em to here or do I?
21:18:52 <maestro>wenrose22: hmm .. I don't know that one
21:18:52 <maestro>lol
21:18:53 <sky>sky signoff, au revoir
21:19:01 <maestro>sky: l8r
21:19:10 <Cybercity>Do we use the Open Listings report from AZ for uploading to AOB?
21:19:17 *sky has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:19:18 <maestro>medievalb: sadly, yes .. or they'll double-list
21:19:29 <elaine>Medievalb's questions are the kind I have.  Others seem more advanced.  Is there a "really new users" group?
21:19:33 <maestro>Cybercity: right
21:19:38 <Les>Thanks, guys, gotta go.  See you Monday
21:19:41 <vishali>can we add/edit and not "purge" when we activate a new venue? I don't want to lose my current ebay listings
21:19:44 <maestro>Les: l8r
21:19:48 <medievalb>am fresh spankin new
21:19:50 <wenrose22>Don't worry maestro. thanks for your help and have a good evening
21:19:54 *Les has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:19:57 <elaine>I'm new, too.
21:20:00 <maestro>vishali: ebay's a special case .. yes you can
21:20:10 *wenrose22 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:20:24 <Pat>Which open listings report on AZN is best?
21:20:28 <maestro>we won't purge ebay, but that also means we will double-list to ebay if you send us the same stuff that's already there
21:20:28 <Pat>for DL
21:20:31 <maestro>half's the same way
21:20:32 <sperry_bo>So what is the next step?
21:20:34 <vishali>great - I do other things besides books on ebay and don't want to open a 2nd store
21:20:38 <maestro>Pat: the full .. not the lite or liter
21:20:48 <Pat>full...thx!
21:20:48 <maestro>vishali: oh, we have MANY folks that do that
21:21:21 <maestro>well, I think we're generally done for now .. on Monday, we'll go over the History, how to find/track double-sales, stats, shipping, etc
21:21:44 <Pat>the shipping feature sounds awesome...
21:21:45 <elaine>Is there a "starting from step one" guide somewhere, or is this is?
21:21:46 <vishali>do we need to send you an inventory by Monday? I have a lot of cleaning up to do first
21:21:58 <McTed>Ok, I'm to digest this & play with AOB
21:21:59 <maestro>elaine: there's a good bit in the Help .. have you looked there?
21:22:04 *sharlenes (~corystras@71-215-130-177.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
21:22:05 <maestro>McTed: enjoy!
21:22:20 <lisa>on AZ we need a PM, on ebay you need a store, what about the others - Alibris?
21:22:35 *sharlenes has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:22:36 <McTed>Thank you, Maestro!
21:22:38 <serendipi>Thanks maestro. Guess I'll have to think about becoming PM onAZ
21:22:41 <Pat>What kind of Avery labels do we need for shipping printouts?
21:22:46 <maestro>lisa: you need an FTP account at Alibris and Biblio
21:22:56 <ixmipat>Thanks, hope I'm still floating by Monday
21:22:57 <maestro>serendipi: how many items do you sell on AZ now?
21:22:57 <elaine>Yes, I looked.  I'll spend more time before Monday.  I think some of my questions are more basic.  I believe you said we need to sign up (and pay) on all sites.  Then would we take down listings (on alibris, for example) and only list here?
21:23:01 <maestro>serendipi: per month
21:23:21 <serendipi>Maybe 2 a week!
21:23:23 <nell885>thank you, you all at AOB are my heros,
21:23:26 <maestro>elaine: we'll purge any venue you activate (on the first run) except ebay and half
21:23:27 <lisa>what about half?
21:23:38 <maestro>so when you first activate make sure we have ALL of what you want on those venues
21:23:45 <maestro>nell885: thank you!
21:23:49 <maestro>you guys are my heros
21:23:52 *ecbooks has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:23:56 <elaine>Oh, I didn't understand at all.  My alibris listings also appear on BN.  Does that happen automatically, too?  
21:24:10 <McTed>g'night
21:24:11 <maestro>elaine: that's all through Alibris, so yes
21:24:14 <maestro>McTed: nite
21:24:14 *McTed has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:24:35 <maestro>elaine: if you've got ALibris setup to do that
21:24:44 <jistroh>What if I just want to list on the free sites, can I do that?
21:24:56 <maestro>jistroh: sure .. but you'll be shorting yourself
21:25:03 <maestro>jistroh: they're free for a reason
21:25:13 <jistroh>How much are the other sites?
21:25:19 <elaine>Yes, Alibris is set up to list on BN.  So, then I go to half.com (whichI don't now use) and set up an account.  I don't list anything there, because when I list it with you, it'll appear on half.com.  I may be starting to understand.
21:25:21 <maestro>AZ is $40 a monthe
21:25:30 <serendipi>I am ready to increase my GOOD inventory, though. Maybe I will sell more on AZ
21:25:32 <maestro>ebay's some convoluted equatio
21:25:33 <maestro>lol
21:25:47 <maestro>elaine: exactly
21:26:01 <maestro>elaine: where is your inventory listed now?
21:26:02 <elaine>Thanks much.  The mud is clearing. Smiley
21:26:08 <jistroh>I already a PM on Az.  What about the other sites?  Like Alibris?
21:26:15 <elaine>It's only on alibris, with them putting in on BN for me.
21:26:21 <medievalb>mine too Smiley but still want to read it somewhere
21:26:26 <Pat>Does half.com cost anything in insertion fees?
21:26:31 <maestro>elaine: ah .. that's tricky .. Alibris download files are weird
21:26:46 <serendipi>half.com costs nothing
21:26:50 <maestro>elaine: just don't activate until you KNOW your inventory here is correct .. be patient with it
21:26:53 <Pat>Excellent...
21:26:55 <Jon>do we need a certain kind of avery labels for the shipping printouts?
21:27:03 <maestro>Jon: depends on how you do it
21:27:07 <elaine>And they say Murphy is an optimist.  I'll be patient.  Alibris does have tab delimited.
21:27:16 <maestro>Jon: dazzle is VERY flexible .. is that what you're talking about?
21:27:16 <medievalb>is there a limit? I have 1300 books and growing
21:27:25 <Jon>no we dont use that
21:27:29 <maestro>elaine: get their HomeBase file
21:27:39 <maestro>elaine: their tab-delimited is all screwed up
21:27:51 *ixmipat has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:27:52 <maestro>medievalb: our largest user has 400K+
21:27:53 <elaine>Thanks for the advice.  I'll do that.
21:27:57 <vishali>Maestro - you like Homebase files?
21:28:09 <maestro>vishali: from Alibris? yes .. any where else, not really
21:28:11 <maestro>lol
21:28:33 <Shelly>Maestro, and you laughed at us when I said we had been researching for 60 days.  We are off to finish the rest of those Long Island Teas......have a dirty Martini on us and we will see Monday will specific questions.  Thanks again.
21:28:47 <maestro>Shelly: thanks!
21:28:59 *sperry_bo has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:02 <maestro>alrighty folks .. I've driven across 3 states today and I stink
21:29:04 <Soconik31>Good Night & Good Luck this weekend AOB staff!
21:29:11 <serendipi>Good night!
21:29:11 *Shelly has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:12 <maestro>Soconik31: thanks
21:29:15 *serendipi has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:17 <elaine>Go sit in a hot tub.  Thank you.
21:29:19 <vishali>Thanks - see you monday
21:29:21 <medievalb>okies will read the ehlp section
21:29:21 <maestro>I'm gonna go grab a shower and a nice stiff drink
21:29:21 *Soconik31 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:23 *elaine has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:26 <maestro>l8r, all!
21:29:29 <Jon>thanks a lot
21:29:33 <lisa>thank you!!!
21:29:34 *vishali has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:43 *Jon has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:50 *lisa has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:29:56 *medievalb has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:30:14 *maestro (~Rodger@dhcp5-66-244-91-139.stfd.smithvilledsl.net) has left #newusers
21:30:25 *jistroh has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:30:30 <Pat>Thanks!
21:30:32 *Pat has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:30:46 <book_shop>Still there, Michelle?
21:32:43 <book_shop>So the purpose of this gathering was to show the attendees the Settings and Inventory tabs?
21:37:51 *book_shop has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:38:46 *sharlenes (~guest@71-215-190-156.eugn.qwest.net) has joined #newusers
21:40:23 <sharlenes>hello
21:40:32 <Blueverie>sharlenes: hiya
21:42:23 <sharlenes>how do I create a user name and password?
21:43:42 <Blueverie>you need to come to one of the newusers sessions .. they're Thursdays @ 8pm EST
21:44:04 <sharlenes>how do I sign on to a new user session?
21:45:13 <Blueverie>just show up here @ 8pm EST next Thursday
21:46:05 <Cybercity>I just uploaded my inventory report to AOB and it shows 576 items. The spreadsheet and my mainextractor show 695. Why?
21:46:22 <Blueverie>Cybercity: did you get a first violin report
21:46:42 <Cybercity>Not sure what that is???
21:47:24 <Blueverie>Cybercity: the email reporting on the success of your upload
21:47:54 <Cybercity>I will check
21:48:20 <Blueverie>Cybercity: cybercitymall is your account?
21:48:40 <Cybercity>yes, I did get the report and it looks like there are some errors.
21:48:56 <Blueverie>Cybercity: what does it list as the error?
21:49:20 <Cybercity>It looks like it may be missing SKUs?
21:49:47 <Cybercity>My early listings did not have SKU's.
21:50:02 <Blueverie>Cybercity: ah! .. all of your listings need to have SKUs to upload to AOB
21:50:24 <Cybercity>Where do I go from here? Edit and load again?
21:50:50 <Blueverie>Cybercity: yep
21:50:51 <sharlenes>I set up my own account last year and I'm trying to set up an account for my mom. I can set it up if You allowed me to get a user name and passward for her.  
21:51:01 <Blueverie>Cybercity: or turn on Auto SKus & upload again
21:51:10 <Blueverie>sharlenes: one sec
21:51:19 <Cybercity>Where can I find that option?
21:51:42 <Blueverie>Cybercity: in your inventory settings .. last section .. make sure you both enable them & choose a format
21:52:11 *Ted (~oak_creek@pool-141-153-54-249.char.east.verizon.net) has joined #newusers
21:52:23 *nell885 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:52:27 <Cybercity>OK, as long as I do not activate venues, I will be ok as far as loading to a venue, right?
21:52:42 <Blueverie>Cybercity: right
21:52:43 *Ted has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
21:52:47 <Cybercity>thanks
21:53:58 <Blueverie>sharlenes: I should be able to get you set up .. I just need to double check w/Rodger/Michelle real quick .. their out on a breather but should be back shortly
21:54:13 <sharlenes>thanks
21:59:48 *Blueverie has quit (Quit: Cease Cows, Life is Short)
22:00:04 *Blueverie (~Blueverie@doc-209-33-120-74.el.wv.cebridge.net) has joined #newusers
22:05:17 *mcted (~mcted@68-116-127-145.dhcp.crsn.ca.charter.com) has joined #newusers
22:05:40 <mcted>Ok, uploaded AZN
22:05:49 <mcted>crosses fingers
22:05:56 <Blueverie>Smiley
22:06:37 <mcted>also picked & packed an order $$$
22:06:55 <Blueverie>Cool
22:09:03 <sharlenes>.....
22:09:53 <Blueverie>sharlenes: sorry .. I've not heard back from them yet
22:12:26 <mcted>ok it's in and looks good
22:12:37 <Blueverie>mcted: Smiley
22:15:25 *umpteen_t (~umpteen_t@ has joined #newusers
22:15:56 <mcted>Activating Amazon
22:16:03 <mcted>nerves
22:16:09 <Blueverie>it'll be okay Smiley
22:16:38 <umpteen_t>everything I did today, turned out wrong...
22:17:02 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: that's no fun
22:17:40 <umpteen_t>I'm glad its night so I can start over tomorrow.
22:18:03 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: sounds good
22:19:19 <umpteen_t>I will watch for the transcripts to be posted. Was there anything that I absalutely have to know?
22:19:52 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: you already have an account right?
22:20:22 <umpteen_t>I'm not sure...
22:21:02 <umpteen_t>I know that sounds stupid but I signed up and uploaded, I've been working on this site for over a month
22:21:15 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: then you have an account Wink
22:21:22 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: so you should be fine
22:21:50 <umpteen_t>But I haven't been asked for a credit card, or billed
22:21:57 <umpteen_t>that I know of anyway
22:22:42 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: well you're not billed for the first 30 days .. when you are it'll go out on the 5th of the month .. and you'll get a payment button in your account
22:23:28 <umpteen_t>I think it has been 30 days...
22:23:38 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: one sec
22:24:27 <umpteen_t>So I logged on as filled out the papers for an account thinking I would be able to fill in my credit card info...
22:24:57 <umpteen_t>but I go lumped in with the new users and I wasn't sure I was supposed to be
22:25:07 <Blueverie>we don't collect CC info .. we bill via PayPAl
22:25:23 <umpteen_t>...I feel so high maintainence
22:26:22 <Blueverie>umpteen_t: yep .. you're off your 30 day trial .. but there hasn't been a bill since you went off of it Wink .. you'll get billed here shortly .. on 8/5
22:26:58 <umpteen_t>So was I supposed to be lumped in with the new users
22:28:17 <Blueverie>well .. the 'new users' that we were pointing the class to were people who didn't have an account yet but want one
22:28:39 <umpteen_t>That's what I thought.
22:29:45 <umpteen_t>I couldn't remember if I filled out a sign up sheet when I first started my account. So after 30 days elapse and I didn't get a bill I thought I was supposed to "enroll" or something so I filled out the sheet.
22:30:26 <Blueverie>ah! .. basically what you did was try to sign up for a new account
22:30:57 <umpteen_t>My schedule really needs to settle down...I don't know if I'm coming or going
22:31:21 <umpteen_t>Thank you for being polite in answering such stupid questions
22:31:48 <Blueverie>any time Smiley
22:33:32 <umpteen_t>I love this service you guys have been amazing, and so has this service. I am in and out of town with a sick child and your website has made the impossible possible. I am grateful.
22:33:54 *umpteen_t has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
22:41:16 <mcted>ok, it looks ok

If you have any more questions please feel free to come back to any New Users chat, Monday and Thursday nights at 8pm edst.  
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