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Message started by WhiteOakBooks on Aug 17th, 2009 at 4:09pm

Title: Welcome From The WhiteOakBooks Booksite Service
Post by WhiteOakBooks on Aug 17th, 2009 at 4:09pm
Thank you Rodger for creating this forum.  

In general this forum is for AOB users to discuss my Website Service but I will also post  announcements here and monitor it for support issues. (although contacting us directly through our support forum will provide quicker service)

For those that have no clue what our Booksite service does…

We have been providing reasonable priced, user customizable websites for Amazon sellers for over 10 years.

Some common questions:

1) Is an Amazon account required?
Yes.  The websites uses Amazon data for images and item detail therefore offering payment through Amazon payments is required.  

2) Is the website just a front end to Amazon?
No.  Amazon payments is just a payment method like Paypal.  The website itself operates independently from your Amazon account.  

You have a true hosting account which allows you to have other domains with database access and full control of your email.  You can have any number of non-inventory webpages created either through our control panel or on your own.

3) What data do you use from Amazon?
Media detail, images, and if you wish, Amazon reviews.

4) Where does the inventory data come from?
Through an AOB custom venue the inventory data will be transferred directly to the website.  We will categorize you inventory if you do not have categories already set.

5) What payment options are available to the website?
Amazon payments are required.  Paypal is supported and Mal’s Ecommerce if you wish to take direct credit card payments. (

Important Links:

Main Website:


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